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Abadjura, , b. 1904
Bark paintings and carvings by Abadjura were collected by the Art Gallery of Western Australia in the 1960s.
Abdulla, Rodney, b. 1947
Painter, wood carver and screenprinter. Abdulla has exhibited throughout South Australia and at the Salt Lake Art Centre, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Alexander, J.
Female colonial wood carver and craft worker who exhibited her wares, including two carved mirrors, at the Sydney International Exhibition in 1879. Given that near ...
Anning, Michael, b. 1955
Indigenous carver and painter, Michael Anning's work was awarded the Wandjuk Marika Memorial 3 Dimensional Award at the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ...
Astley, Charles, b. 1869
Charles Astley's paintings were no more than competent but his teaching of pottery and china painting at the Warwick Technical College and High School and ...
Atkinson, Kevin, b. 1957
Kevin Atkinson is an artist of the Bangerang nation (Moiradu tribe) who works as a designer, painter, printmaker, possum skin cloak maker and carver of ...
Baillie, Maude, b. 1884
Working mainly with a pocket knife and chisel, Maude Baillie carved elaborate designs on various pieces of furniture. In 1907 she had one of her ...
Baldwin, Edwin
Baldwin worked as a professional photographer but was not adverse to collaborating with other photographers or selling others' works.
Barker, Roy
A painter and carver of emu eggs and traditional Aboriginal weaponry, Barker Jnr was taught by his father Roy Barker Snr. A finalist in the ...
Bates, William Brian 'Badger', b. 1947
Carver, sculptor, printmaker and educator born in Wilcannia NSW in 1947. He has exhibited extensively in Sydney and regional NSW and his work can be ...
Bates, Thomas William, b. 1816
Woodcarver, stonemason and monumental mason, he was the case maker for the organ in Christchurch, Mandurah.
Beal, Annie Eliza, b. 1860
A woodcarver, Beal belonged to that class of cultured Edwardian gentlewomen who had the luxury of leisure time to indulge their artistic endeavours. Her Gothic ...
Bell, Marshall
Kamilaroi/Yimin painter, Marshall Bell has worked in the visual arts arena since the 1980s. Bell's work was represented in Queensland Art Gallery's 1990 'Balance' exhibition.
Bell, Ivy, b.
Ivy Bell is a descendant of the Mutti Mutti and Nari Nari clans of New South Wales. Bell is an emu egg carver and charcoal ...
Benham, Loui, b. 1868
Loui Benham was born in 1868. She was embroiderer, designer, teacher, woodcarver, pyrographer and painter. Benham exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts. She ...
Bernasconi, John
John Bernasconi turned a talent for woodcarving into a business as a picture framer. His award-winning work was exhibited both in Australia and overseas and ...
Late colonial-era woodblock artist, woodcarver and pastry cook from Hamilton, Victoria. Betts put his skills to good use, carving both functional and decorative butter pats ...
Billinghurst, Elizabeth
Miss Elizabeth Billinghurst exhibited her work 'Shade of Emu Eggs' at the Sydney Intercolonial Exhibition of 1879-80.
Bird, Augusta Maude, b. 1853
Pyrographer who was born in Western Australia.