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Allen, Belinda Ann, b. 1956
Belinda Allen is a digital photomedia artist based in Sydney. She graduated in Printmaking from the SA School of Art in 1977, and has worked ...
Anderson, Louise Kate, b. 1987
Sydney based conceptual artist, creative director & arts worker in the arts/ disability sector.
Ashby, Lyn, b. 1953
Artist working in the fields of photography, graphic design and limited edition artists' books.
Bell, Richard, b. 1953
Self-described 'propagandist', Richard Bell, was the 2003 winner of the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.
Berry, Vanessa, b. 1978
Vanessa Berry first came to public attention in 1995 with her zine cartoon 'Psychobabble'. In 2012 she began her blog, Mirror Sydney, which was published ...
Bunt, Brogan
Wollongong-based artist and academic whose practice traverses digital media, video and software development.
Carson, Dave, b.
Carson is based in Fremantle. He taught fine art before concentrating on new imaging technologies. David has collaborated with many art and industry organisations such ...
Casey, Karen, b. 1956
Interdisciplinary Tasmanian Aboriginal artist who began exhibiting in 1987. Her work addresses personal, environmental, political and scientific themes.
Cattapan, Jon, b. 1956
artist who works with painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, collage, printmaking and digital media. Cattapan was born in 1956. His works demonstrate his interest with ...
Catulong, Ronell Lozada, b. 1987
Ronell Catulong, born in 1987 in the Philippines, is a Sydney-based artist whose works explore ideas of life and death.
Cole, Bindi, b. 1975
Wathaurung artist whose photographic works offer a critique of the way non-Indigenous Australians circumscribe and misconstrue the nature of contemporary Aboriginal identity and experience.
Corbet, David, b. 1955
David Corbet is an educator, artist/designer, writer, editor and curator. He teaches in the Art and Design domains at UNSW and the University of Sydney. ...
Crooks, Daniel, b. 1973
Practising across a range of media including digital video, photography and installation, New Zealand born Daniel Crooks's complex and beautiful digital images stretch and distort ...
Curran, Tony, b. 1984
Sydney artist born in 1984, Tony Curran focuses on visual culture and psychology through the use of painting, drawing and sculpture.
Cypher, Mark
Widely exhibited and collected Western Australian artist, designer and lecturer who explores interactivity across a range of mediums.
Davis, Jan, b. 1952
A printmaker whose work explores both traditional and new print technologies and the relationship between text and photographic images. In 1995 she won the Fremantle ...
De Aragon, Cida, b. 1964
Brazilian born artist with training in art, architecture and graphic design. Her art practice ranges across permanent and temporary works, often engaging with public spaces.