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, Rag
Designer and cartoonist, 1990s. Rag drew a safety poster, 'Beware of Pinch Points'.
Mackinlay / McKinlay, Miguel, b. 1895
Painter Miguel Mackinlay was born in Spain to a Spanish mother and Scottish father. He studied at Perth Technical School in Western Australia under J.W. ...
Miller Smith, Bob
Professor Emeritus and DIA Life Fellow, Miller Smith was the founder of the Bachelor of Design programme when he was the head of the Design ...
Adams, Adrian
Adrian Adams was an Adelaide graphic designer active from the 1990s. Adams is known for posters designed for the Sydney Olympic Arts Festival c. 1997. ...
Albury, Winn, b. 1896
Twentieth century female watercolourist who worked as a commercial in Sydney and Sacremento, California. Work found amongst her estate included a number of designs for ...
Alderton, Dick
Mid 20th century Sydney cartoonist and commercial artist. Alderton created the 'Nursie' and 'Judy' strips for Sydney's Mirror newspapers.
Allen, Belinda Ann, b. 1956
Belinda Allen is a digital photomedia artist based in Sydney. She graduated in Printmaking from the SA School of Art in 1977, and has worked ...
Anderson, Louise Kate, b. 1987
Sydney based conceptual artist, creative director & arts worker in the arts/ disability sector.
Andrew, Francis Charles, b. 1911
Painter and advertising artist, Andrew was the organising secretary of the National Gallery of Victoria's 1944 exhibition 'Australia at War'.
Angus, Max, b. 1914
Angus is recognised as both a painter and poster artist, whose travel posters were exhibited in 'Follow the Sun: Australian Travel Posters 1930s-1950s' at the ...
Annand, Douglas, b. 1903
One of Australia's best known graphic and poster artists, Douglas Annand also had a distinguished career as a camouflage artist during the Second World War. ...
Armstrong, Pat , b. 1980
Designer and printmaker
Ashby, Lyn, b. 1953
Artist working in the fields of photography, graphic design and limited edition artists' books.
Ashton, Julian Richard, b. 1913
Painter, teacher and poster designer. Ashton designed tourist posters for the NSW Dept of Tourist Activities and Immigration, examples of which are in the collection ...
Ashworth, Olive, b. 1915
Commercial artist, textile designer and photographer. Ashworth is best known for her textile designs that were based on sketches and photographs of the Great Barrier ...
Aslanis, Con, b.
Contemporary Melbourne freelance cartoonist and designer. Aslanis is best known for his humourous Australiana illustrations, particularly his postcards.
Atkinson, Clive
Clive "Bidja" Atkinson is a Yorta Yorta man who works in the field of graphic design. He has a Diploma in Illustration, Graphic Design and ...
Aubrey-Crowe, George Willoughby Herbert, b. 1911
Little is known about the career of George Aubrey-Crowe apart from the series of covers of Queensland native birds that he provided for Brisbane's 'Courier ...