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Abbott, W., b.
W. Abbott made seven watercolour sketches on a voyage to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) on board the barque Calcutta in 1840.
Mid 20th century political cartoonist whose subject matter included the introduction of the contraceptive pill in the late 1960s.
Acock, W. W.
W.W. Acock was a colonial artist who was recorded as working in Tasmania c.1890.
Late 20th century Bulletin cartoonist, speculatively the artist Adam Jon Brooke.
Adam, J.
Melburnian student sketcher who won first prize for their antique figure drawings at Melbourne's National Gallery School in 1903.
Adams, A. H.
Sydney-based photographer who worked with L. W. Appleby to exhibit their bi-chromate prints with the NSW Society of Artists in 1907.
Aglio, A.
Colonial painter from Tasmania whose painting of Hobart Town was loaned by an honourable doctor to the 1896 Old Hobart exhibition.
Ahlston, C. R.
Colonial craftworker from Sydney Technical College whose imitation marble inlaid panels were exhibited as part of the home decorating displays for the 1887 Adelaide Jubilee ...