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image of Bangdesign
Sydney design company founded by Bryan Marshall and David Granger in 1989. The company specialise in product design.
image of Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass was Melbourne-based water proof garment manufacturer amalgamated with Dunlop Perdriau Rubber Company in 1929.
image of Bayly Design Associates
Bayly Design Associates
Bayly Design Associates of Blackburn, Victoria, are an industrial product design company.
image of AMINCO Australia Pty Ltd
AMINCO Australia Pty Ltd
AMINCO Australia was the first company to apply DNA of an Olympic athlete to authenticate the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games merchandise.
Goodwood (Australia) Productions
Goodwood (Australia) Productions designed a range of zinc diecast scale model toy cars called 'Micro Models' in the mid 20th century.
Tea Rose
Fashion design company established in 1981.
image of Catalyst Design Group
Catalyst Design Group
Product range is produced under the brand 'Knog'.
Design Nation
Design Nation includes designers David Corbet, Andrew Medhurst and Bryce Tuckwell.
Dinosaur Designs
Dinosaur Designs established in 1985 is a collaboration between three jewellery designers, Liane Rossler, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy.
Mitchell, Giurgola and Thorpe
Australian Parliament House architects.