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, Rag
Designer and cartoonist, 1990s. Rag drew a safety poster, 'Beware of Pinch Points'.
, Mickey of Ulladulla, b. 1825
Mickey of Ulladulla was an Aboriginal artist active in the ninetenth century on the south coast of NSW. Five of his paintings were included posthumously ...
, Elias Abberly
Known mostly for his still-lifes, little is known of Abberly’s life or training. He often combined an outdoor still-life of apples or corn with a ...
Alexander, Doug, b. 1945
Doug Alexander operated the red Barn Pettery, New Zealand, and established Springmount Pottery (Creswick, Victoria) and Cuppacumbalong Pottery near Canberra.
Fox, Kathinka, b. 1910
Kathinka Fox, photographer, born Hamburg arrived in Melbourne during World War II and worked for Peter Fox. She is possibly the Wiltrant Creutz, who married ...
Mackinlay / McKinlay, Miguel, b. 1895
Painter Miguel Mackinlay was born in Spain to a Spanish mother and Scottish father. He studied at Perth Technical School in Western Australia under J.W. ...