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Smith and Miles
Smith and Miles was a Sydney-based graphic arts trade house. Smith and Miles was perhaps the largest tradehouse in the Southern Hemisphere with over 200 ...
Crow and Associates
A Melbourne design consultancy founded in 1959 by Ted Worsley and John S. Crow, drawing on furnishings supplied by Stuarts of South Yarra.
Breotex Furniture
Breotex is a furniture designer and homewares maker, specialising in outdoor furniture. Their work is advertised in the late 1960s. Breotex Plastics, registered in Adelaide, ...
image of 3 Deep Design
3 Deep Design
3 Deep Design is a Melbourne based graphic design practice known for their customized and bespoke work.
image of Bangdesign
Sydney design company founded by Bryan Marshall and David Granger in 1989. The company specialise in product design.
image of Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass was Melbourne-based water proof garment manufacturer amalgamated with Dunlop Perdriau Rubber Company in 1929.
Jam Factory Crafts Workshops
Jam Factory Crafts Workshops was a shared studio for jewelers based in Adelaide, South Australia.
image of Bayly Design Associates
Bayly Design Associates
Bayly Design Associates of Blackburn, Victoria, are an industrial product design company.
image of Beauty Pottery
Beauty Pottery
Beauty Pottery of South Australia make earthenware. An example of Beauty Pottery is held at the Powerhouse Museum.
Designer's Collective
The Designer's Collective was established in 1979, in Adelaide in order to promote the designs of its members.
image of AMINCO Australia Pty Ltd
AMINCO Australia Pty Ltd
AMINCO Australia was the first company to apply DNA of an Olympic athlete to authenticate the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games merchandise.
Goodwood (Australia) Productions
Goodwood (Australia) Productions designed a range of zinc diecast scale model toy cars called 'Micro Models' in the mid 20th century.
$COUNT UNIVER$E describes itself as not aligning "itself with the traditional fashion seasons rather it takes itself as seriously as the fashion system takes its ...
Tea Rose
Fashion design company established in 1981.
Sheedy P/L Signwriting Co.
Sheedy P/L Signwriting Co. was a Sydney-based sign writing firm producing signage, trade cards, point-of-purchase displays for major firms such as Coca-Cola, Woolworths, Coles and ...
Sands & McDougall
Sands & McDougall was a large printing firm in 19th century Sydney. The firm employed artists to design invitations and illuminations.
NSW Woodworkers Group
Also known as the Woodworkers Group of NSW