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Industrial Design Institute of Australia, NSW
The Industrial Design Institute of Australia, NSW was formed in 1958, later amalgamated with the Society of Industrial Designers of Australia in 1966. The organisation ...
The Observatory Collective
Brisbane ARI 1985-1986, based in Little Roma Street.Including both Queensland and New South Wales artists.
ARI based in Woolloongabba 1978 -1980 with artists and designers and Luke Roberts, Georgina Pope and Ross Wallace.
A Room Collective
Brisbane based ARI located at 446 George Street for six months in 1985 (June- December).
That Collective
Brisbane based ARI collective 1984- 1987.
John Mills National
Brisbane based ARI, studios and publications located at 40 Charlotte Street. 1986-1987. Directors Adam Boyd, Virginia Barratt.
Brisbane based ARI located in Adelaide Street, 1989. ARI Co-ordinators and artists including Jane Richens, Hiram To, Wayne Smith, Angelina Martinez, Jeanelle Hurst, Gary Warner, ...
Brisbane New York London Tokyo based ARI project. Collaboration between artist Jay Younger, Lehan Ramsay and Paul Andrew.
Philips Centre for Industrial Design
Philips Centre for Industrial Design, Clayton, Melbourne Victoria Australia was an industrial design studio services the international firm Philips, Eindhoven, NL. Founded in the mid-1960s, ...
Crux was a Brisbane ARI managed by artist designers Scott Clifford and Donald Holt.
Tropical Loveland
Collaborative practice of Gold Coast-based artists, Lucy Forsberg and Rebecca Ross.
Lucas-Gee Associates
A design firm including Bill Lucas and a yet-unidentified other [Gee], producing furniture. Their work was commissioned for the St Michael's Convent School Kindergarten (1953) ...
Arch Lane Public Art
Brisbane based ARI located in Arch Lane off Macrossan, off Adelaide Streets, 1987-1991 (circa). Directors Belinda Gunn and David Holden.
Brisbane based ARI, various sites. Project co-ordinator, artist Adam Boyd.