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Brisbane-based collaborative ARI event. Project Co-ordinator artist Jeanelle Hurst. Artists including Jane Richens, AXIS.
UQ Student Union and collaborative artist-run studios, facilities, darkrooms, printmaking, poster making, educational setting. Artists including Brian Doherty, Barbara Campbell, Ted Riggs, Jay Younger.
Architect, design and artist studios, Events, live bands, exhibitions and arts publications including VERSIONS, co-edited by Caroline Stalker.
Fine Arts Society
Artist and student-run events, newsletter, exhibition and social group located at the Forgan Smith Tower. Exhibitions including STATE OF THE ART: ART OF THE STATE, ...
Red Comb House
Brisbane-based ARI, events space and artist studios located in Roma Street. Collaborative exhibitions including PRODUCE ART, 1982.
Brisbane-based experimental art space/ ARI, events space and artist/design studios. Artist/ designers including Luke Roberts, Georgina Pope, Ross Wallace. Located at 1 Logan Road, Woolloongabba.
Brisbane based ARI, various sites. Artists including Luke Roberts. Hiram To and Scott Redford.
Boulder Lodge
Brisbane based ARI located in Wickham Street. Director Joseph O'Connor.
Gallery Brutal
Brisbane-based ARI, artist studios, events space and artist publications. Directors David Stafford and Rebecca Stafford.
Brisbane based ARI.
Brisbane based ARI.
Space Plenitude
Brisbane based ARI.
Kiss My Art
Brisbane based ARI.
The Butterfactory
Brisbane based ARI.
One Flat Exhibit
Brisbane-based ARI and events space co-ordinated by artist Jeanelle Hurst. Located at 19 Edmonstone Street, South Brisbane. Later located at 355 George Street. Artist collective ...
Raw Space
Brisbane based ARI.
The White House
Brisbane based ARI, 1990's.
The Farm
Brisbane based ARI.
Technical Girls Collective
Sydney based ARI. Located in Darlinghurst 1988-1985.