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Royal Academy

by Hodges, William.

Also exhibited in 1777 and then annually from 1785-1794.

David Strachan

by Strachan, David.

National retrospective touring exhibition of David Strachan's paintings and etchings. Curated by Daniel Thomas for the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Because of Strachan's ...

Meenyan Art Gallery

by Sandon, Karen Valerie.

inaugural annual print works on paper show.

An Opossum of V.D.L.

by Webber, John.

watercolour. Dixson Library, State Library of New South Wales


by Webber, John.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England

View of Otahaite Peha

by Webber, John.

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Banks, Joseph, b. 1748
Drawings completed on Lieutenant James Cook's voyage to the antipodes from 1768 to 1771 were originally attributed to Joseph Banks but recent scholarship now asserts ...
Bauer, Ferdinand Lucas, b. 1760
Ferdinand Lucas Bauer never emigrated to Australia, but as part of the 1801 Flinders's expedition team, he captured some of the most detailed and beautiful ...
Furneaux, Tobias, b. 1735
Made a sketch of the vessel 'Adventure', on which he sailed with Captain James Cook to Van Diemen's Land in 1773.
Hodges, William, b. 1744
Painter and sketcher, Hodges was born, educated and worked in London. From 1772-1775 he travelled the Pacific and to Norfolk Island as the official landscape ...
Parkinson, Sydney, b. 1745
Sydney Parkinson was a natural history and topographical painter. Joseph Banks took him on Cook's Endeavour voyage to the Pacific (1768-71) where he was a ...
Paterson, William, b. 1755
William Paterson was a sketcher, natural historian, collector, soldier and lieutenant-governor. He was interested in zoology and is said to have been the first person ...
Roberts, Henry, b. 1757
Henry Roberts, British naval officer and topographical artist, was described by Lieutenant John Gore as "most certainly a very Deserving young Man".
Smith, Isaac, b. 1752
Relative of James Cook, he also served the navigator aboard the Endeavour in the voyage to Australia, and according to Cook particularly instrumental in making ...
Spring, Herman Diedrich, b. 1733
A studious man with a talent for detail, he became through default one of the artists aboard Captain Cook's Endeavour. He died young, at sea. ...