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, Wrightbilt
Wrightbilt is identified as Wrightbilt Fashion Furniture active after 1960 advertising their "TV Chair" nationally in the "Australian Womens Weekly" and on TV. By 1961, ...
Nicholson, Chris
Nicholson is a furniture designer/maker. He established his joinery practice "Forest Furniture" (Wollongong NSW) in 2013. His work can be seen through the Dessein Furniture ...
Adams, Peter Michael
Furniture designer originally from the USA. Adams moved his design studio, D.Vise, to Tasmania c. 1984 and has designed benches, public seating, meditation mats and ...
Andrewartha, S.
S. Andrewartha was a furnishings and furniture maker based in Richmond, Victoria ca. 1923. The firm was founded in 1900 and remained in operation making ...
Annels, Ross, b. 1964
Ross Annels is an artist furniture maker, best known for his sculptural and narrative chairs.
Archibald, Norman , b. 1937
Archibald is a furniture designer active ca.1973 developing furniture for Nore Furniture Pty Ltd, Bayswater, Victoria.
Baillie, Maude, b. 1884
Working mainly with a pocket knife and chisel, Maude Baillie carved elaborate designs on various pieces of furniture. In 1907 she had one of her ...
Baines, James Alex, b. 1814
Baines was a cabinetmaker who arrived in 1840 on the Island Queen from London.
Barnsley, Rik, b. 1964
Rik Barnsley has a background in silversmithing that has informed his art practice since the mid 1980s. Recognised for his unique vessels, wall pieces and ...
Beilharz, Rainier
Rainer Beilharz is a violin and bow maker who began working in 1982 in Melbourne, Victoria.
Benjamin, David, b. 1817
Cabinetmaker who arrived in Australia in 1840.
Blab, W.
W. Blab was a picture framer, cabinetmaker, gilder and mount cutter.
Black, Henry
Black is a designer/maker who apprenticed in Patternmaking at the Garden Island Naval Dockyard, later studying at the Canberra School of Art . He preferred ...
Blackburn, Joseph Henry
Joseph Henry Blackburn was a cabinetmaker in Perth.
Borg, Hans
Borg exhibited modern timber furniture during furniture exhibition in Perth, WA in 1966.
Bunbury, Lester
Bunbury's career as a furniture designer and lecturer began in the mid-20th century. He worked with Fred Ward for the Myer Emporium in-house studio and ...
Burns, Robert, b. 1841
Cabinetmaker who arrived in Western Australia in 1862. He was also a carpenter and sawyer.