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Aarons, Anita, b. 1912
Anita Aarons had a diverse career working as a jeweller, sculptor, art administrator, radio commentator, teacher and art editor for an architecture publication, while living ...
Abbott Roberts, Mary Margaret, b. 1916
Mary Abbott Roberts, who also exhibited under her maiden name of Mary Abbott, was born in Quirindi in rural New South Wales and studied in ...
Alcock, T. M.
T. M. Alcock was a jeweller based in Sydney, NSW
Alderson, Amanda
Perth-based artist whose practice spans new media, jewellery, sculpture and textiles.
Allerding, Frederick, b. 1815
Allerding was a jeweller and amateur photographer known to be in Sydney, NSW in 1872.
Arthur, Tom, b. 1946
Tom Arthur developed an artistic reputation from a series of intricately, and often theatrically composed installations of the 1970s and early 1980s which pinpoint a ...
Barkus, Rosie, b. 1959
A self taught lino-block textile designer from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait. Born in 1959 Barkus's work is held in most major national collections ...
Bauer, Frank
Frank Bauer was a South Australian jewelery designer, metalsmith and object maker c.1970s and 80s. His work is represented in the collection of Powerhouse Museum.
Berry, Max, b. 1987
Max Berry is a painter born in 1987 in Katherine, NT. Berry completed a Bachelor of Design in 2009 at the College of Fine Arts, ...
Blyfield, Julie, b. 1957
Julie Blyfield is a jewellery, object and vessel maker based in South Australia. She has presented at numerous jewellers' conferences, led workshops and mentored to ...
Bogucki, Helena, b. 1980
Helena Bogucki, born 1980, is a jewellery designer and artist. Born in Exetor, England, the Bogucki family relocated to New Zealand in 1993 and then ...
Bradbury, Maree, b. 1960
Painter and jewellery maker, Maree Bradbury was born in 1960 and lives in Northern New South Wales. Her acrylic on canvas paintings are informed by ...
Broome-Norton, Jean, b. 1911
A twentieth-century Sydney sculptor and later jeweller. Broome-Norton was a student and later an assistant of Raynor Hoff's. A graduate of the East Sydney Technical ...
Charles, Sue
Wemba Wemba basketweaver and winner of the Victorian Cultural Heritage Award at the 2007 Victorian Indigenous Art Awards.
Clarke, Maree, b.
Maree Clarke is a Mutti Mutti, Wemba Wemba and Yorta Yorta woman from Victoria who works as a multi-disciplinary artist and curator of Aboriginal art.
Cohn, Susan, b. 1952
Cohn is a designer working in metals, jewellery and the graphic arts. She initially trained at RMIT and has continued her studies at other institutions. ...
Collings, Silver, b. 1940
With experience in Australia and London, Collings works as a jeweller and sculptor.
Condie, Bernice, b.
Shell necklace stringer and painter, Bernice Condie, also known as moekatan, is a palawa woman from Tasmania. Her maireener shell necklaces are highly sought after ...