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Abbott Roberts, Mary Margaret, b. 1916
Mary Abbott Roberts, who also exhibited under her maiden name of Mary Abbott, was born in Quirindi in rural New South Wales and studied in ...
Abbott-Lock, Keryn, b. 1953
Kerryn was an active participant of the 1980s ARI sector.
Adair, Pauline, b. 1949
Pauline Adair is a New Zealand born figurative artist. In 2008 her work was exhibited in 'Africa - Face to Face', a combined exhibition of ...
Ahmad, Mazin, b. 1964
Mazin Ahmad is an Iraqi-born abstract artist who works primarily in painting. After moving to Australia in 2002 he has completed a number of public ...
Albada, Duke
Duke Albada is a mixed media, new media artist who creates public art.
Albert, Tony, b. 1981
Brisbane-based artist, Tony Albert's work often discusses and recycles genuine Aboriginalia, including kitsch, mass-produced objects such as plaster heads and black velvet paintings. Albert was ...
Alexander, Jan, b. 1927
Jan Alexander was an artist active in Bathurst for thirty years from the 1970s to the early 2000s.
Allen, Barbara, b. 1957
Barbara was an active participant of the 1980s Qld ARI sector.
Alwast, Peter, b. 1975
Peter Alwast is a contemporary artist working across a range of media including video, computer graphics, painting and drawing. In 2008 he was the inaugural ...
Anderson, Yvonne, b. 1958
Yvonne Anderson is a Queensland based Indigenous artist whose work was included in the 2001 exhibition "Gatherings: Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art From ...
Anderson, Vickie, b. 1958
Western Australian Indigenous artist who has created mixed media works on a ground consisting of collaged strips of bark.
Andrew, Veronica, b. 1949
Veronica Andrew is the mother of well-known artist Brook Andrew. An Indigenous artist, Andrew had her work exhibited in the 2001 exhibition "Gatherings, Contemporary Aboriginal ...
Andrew, Paul William, b. 1964
Paul is an active participant of the local global 1980 - Now Queensland artist-run, arts and culture sector.
Anwar, Rushdi, b. 1971
Rushdi Anwar, originally from Kurdistan, currently working between Australia and Thailand, makes art influenced by the conflicts that have governed his life so far. In ...
Armstrong, Mary Ann, b. 1838
Mary Ann Armstrong (1838-1910) was a botanical fern artist who participated in a number of international and intercolonial exhibitions. She compiled and artistically arranged fern ...
Armstrong, Keith, b. 1965
Keith Armstrong specialises in collaborative, hybrid, new media works with an emphasis on innovative performance forms, site-specific electronic arts, networked interactive installations, alternative interfaces, public ...