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, Mickey of Ulladulla, b. 1825
Mickey of Ulladulla was an Aboriginal artist active in the ninetenth century on the south coast of NSW. Five of his paintings were included posthumously ...
, Elias Abberly
Known mostly for his still-lifes, little is known of Abberly’s life or training. He often combined an outdoor still-life of apples or corn with a ...
Mackinlay / McKinlay, Miguel, b. 1895
Painter Miguel Mackinlay was born in Spain to a Spanish mother and Scottish father. He studied at Perth Technical School in Western Australia under J.W. ...
Abadjura, , b. 1904
Bark paintings and carvings by Abadjura were collected by the Art Gallery of Western Australia in the 1960s.
Abbot, Inez M., b.
Australian female painter living in France, whose work may have been purchased by a major museum in Paris, but there is current record of this.
Abbott, Barbara, b. 1928
Sydney-based female sketcher, printmaker and textile artist who passed her final assessment in art school by completing an Aboriginal reference workbook she started in her ...
Abbott, John, b. 1803
This sketcher, watercolourist and songwriter became the registrar-general of births, deaths and marriages in Van Diemen's Land in the mid nineteenth century. His watercolours were ...
Abbott, Mary, b. 1943
Arrente/Luritja speaker born in Hermannsburg. Mary Abbott began painting with the Jukurrpa group in 1988.
Abbott, W., b.
W. Abbott made seven watercolour sketches on a voyage to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) on board the barque Calcutta in 1840.
Abbott, Harold, b. 1906
An official war artist during the Second World War, Harold Abbott was an accomplished portraitist who had studied at the Royal Academy of Art in ...
Abbott, Ernest Edwin, b. 1889
Ernest Edwin Abbott (1889-1973), English-born printmaker, painter and art teacher, based mainly in Melbourne, Victoria.
Abbott, Margaret Dorothea Rutherford, b. 1908
Amateur painter Margaret Abbott was the younger daughter of Arthur Abbott and Alexandra Mary Rutherford.
Abbott Roberts, Mary Margaret, b. 1916
Mary Abbott Roberts, who also exhibited under her maiden name of Mary Abbott, was born in Quirindi in rural New South Wales and studied in ...
Abbott-Lock, Keryn, b. 1953
Kerryn was an active participant of the 1980s ARI sector.
Abdulla, Ian, b. 1947
Ian Abdulla is a contemporary Indigenous artist who was born at Swan Reach in South Australia.
Abdulla, Rodney, b. 1947
Painter, wood carver and screenprinter. Abdulla has exhibited throughout South Australia and at the Salt Lake Art Centre, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.