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Ahern, David , b. 1947
Experimental musician involved with early 1970s performance art through the group Teletopa.
Ahmed, Zehra, b. 1980
Zehra Ahmed is Sydney-born artist working mainly in New Media. Her artworks reflect her interest in political affairs, international equality and certain prejudicial attitudes of ...
Alderson, Amanda
Perth-based artist whose practice spans new media, jewellery, sculpture and textiles.
Andrew, Paul William, b. 1964
Paul is an active participant of the local global 1980 - Now Queensland artist-run, arts and culture sector.
Andringa, Michelle, b. 1962
Artist Michelle Andringa was an active participant of the Queensland and NSW ARIs scene. Michelle collaborated with artist Virginia Barratt for the performance event "Gun ...
Barakat, Nicole, b. 1977
Nicole Barakat is an artist who works to examine the intersections between different forms of art including textiles, drawing, performance and installation.
Barling, Bianca, b.
Bianca Barling is the recipient of several awards including the 'Malaysia Airlines/Hill-Smith Fine Art Travel Award' and an 'Adelaide Critic's Circle Emerging Artist Award' both ...
Barratt, Virginia, b. 1959
Virginia Barratt is a writer experimental poet performer and academic. Since 1992 Virginia has been an active participant and collaborator in the Australian and International ...
Baylis, Troy-Anthony, b. 1976
Since graduating with an Honours Visual Art degree in 1997, Troy-Anthony Baylis has exhibited widely in Australia and overseas. His art practice draws from popular ...
Beaubois, Denis Paul, b. 1970
video, performance and installation artist born in Mauritius in 1970. Denis Paul Beaubois immigrated to Australia with his family in 1980. He teaches at the ...
Begg, Zanny, b. 1972
Installation and video artist, writer, curator, and participant in the collective You Are Here. Begg has exhibited in the 2008 Taipei Biennal and the 2009 ...
Biggs, Simon, b. 1957
Australian-born digital media artist, researcher and curator who has been based in the UK since 1986.