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Fox, Kathinka, b. 1910
Kathinka Fox, photographer, born Hamburg arrived in Melbourne during World War II and worked for Peter Fox. She is possibly the Wiltrant Creutz, who married ...
A., C. H.
Professional photographer, C.H.A was offering his services in Sydney around 1868, advertising in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Abbott, Alfred, b. 1838
Amateur photographer, watchmaker and diarist. Known for his stereoscopic prints of Hobart and its surrounds. He also produced an important album incorporating works by Tasmanian ...
Abbott, Charles, b. 1824
Amateur photographer, watchmaker and optician, his subjects were mainly views of Hobart and he conducted some early experiments in colour printing. His brother, Alfred, was ...
Abraham, , b.
This travelling photographer worked at Yass, New South Wales, in the mid-nineteenth century and was the partner of Frankford.
Acley, R. H.
Travelling from San Francisco, this professional photographer worked in Sydney and Victoria. His daguerreotype practice specialised in portraits and landscape views.
This professional photographer practiced in Victoria in the mid nineteenth century. His work included views of Sandhurst, Bendigo as well as Mount Macedon.
Adams, A. H.
Sydney-based photographer who worked with L. W. Appleby to exhibit their bi-chromate prints with the NSW Society of Artists in 1907.
Adams, Elma
Amateur photographer, active in Albury and Victoria in the 1920s. Adams was involved in the publication of the 'Albury Banner' newspaper.
Adamson, James Hazell, b. 1829
This diverse artist practised as a painter, lithographer and professional photographer. His works encompassed portrait, landscape and still life genres. Exhibiting in Adelaide, Melbourne and ...
Adamson, David Beveridge, b. 1823
David Beveridge Adamson emigrated to South Australia in 1839. He designed and produced toys, mechanical appliances and scientific instruments, the latter of which he used ...
Agar, Bernice, b. 1885
Glamorous and highly accomplished photographer best known for her images of Sydney socialites and brides. Such was her skill that when she retired upon marriage ...
Ah Kee, Vernon, b. 1967
Vernon Ah Kee is a draughtsman, photographer, screen-printer, video and text based installation artist who was included in the 2008 Biennale of Sydney.
Aikenhead, William, b. 1842
An avid amateur photographer and professional journalist. Aikenhead held many public offices and was active in local Tasmanian politics until his death.
Aikin, Hamilton, b. 1904
English male photographer, film-maker, editor and Presbyterian priest who went outback for Outreach, a Church journal, documenting indigenous cultures and mission activity.
Aird, Michael
Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander artist. In 1996 he established Keeaira Press, a small publishing house, to record aspects of Aboriginal history and culture.