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Aitken, Sandra
Sandra Aitken of is of Gunditjmara descent and is a weaver, painter, screenprinter and tapestry worker residing in Victoria.
Barkus, Rosie, b. 1959
A self taught lino-block textile designer from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait. Born in 1959 Barkus's work is held in most major national collections ...
Bird, David, b. 1838
Weaver who arrived in Western Australia from England in 1862.
Booth, Jessica, b. 1885
A painter and acclaimed weaver, Jessica Booth was a member of the NSW Society of Arts and Crafts for over four decades. In the late ...
Bourke, Jean, b. 1945
Pitjantjatjara weaver, sculptor and painter based in Irrunytju who has been involved in training other community members in weaving practices and the making of natural ...
Bunbury, Margaret Richardson, b. 1795
Lady Bunbury brought with her from Ireland a noted passion for such gentle pursuits as embroidery, sketching, specimen collecting and visiting. Her residence, Charterhouse at ...
Carter, Thelma, b. 1910
Thelma Carter (1910-1995) was a Gurnai fibre artist who lived in east Gippsland, Victoria.
Carter, John, b. 1821
John Carter was a Master Designer of Printing and Weaving in Crayford, Kent,England before migrating in 1861 to Victoria Australia. He moved to Dunedin, New ...
Charles, Sue
Wemba Wemba basketweaver and winner of the Victorian Cultural Heritage Award at the 2007 Victorian Indigenous Art Awards.
Clarke, Ethel
Ethel Clarke was a watercolorist, oil painter, weaver and lacemaker. She exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts and Western Australian Women's Society of ...
Colbatch, Astrid
Between 1947 and 1953 she exhibited in the King Edward Hotel with a number of weavers who worked in the ambit of interior designer, Maria ...
Connelly, Lucy Williams, b. 1940
Waradgerie painter, wood burner, emu egg carver and basket maker based in Swan Hill, Victoria. Trained in bark painting and wood burning by her father, ...
Connelly-Northey, Lorraine, b. 1962
Connelly Northey is a contemporary weaver who uses abandoned materials to create her artworks and explore post-colonial realities. She has been practising since 1990 and ...
Couzens, Zelda
Kirrae Wurrong/Gunditjmara basket-weaver and elder who was raised on the Framlingham Mission near Warrnambool, VIC. Taught by great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, father.
Couzens, Debra
Kirrae Wurrong/ Gunditjmara weaver and possum skin cloak maker from southwestern Victoria.
Danischewsky, Margaret
Goreng fibre artist whose works are in the collection of the Art Gallery of Western Australia.
Darroch, Lee, b. 1957
Lee Darroch is a well known and respected possum skin cloak maker from Victoria. Her home base is Gragin, otherwise known as Raymond Island, in ...
Dewis, Josiah, b. 1825
Josiah Dewis was born in 1825. He was a weaver who arrived on the 'Mary Harrison' in 1862 as did David Bird another weaver.
Djunginy, Robyn
Robyn Djunginy is a daughter of acclaimed artist Ngulmarmar and is a sister of the renowned artists George Milpurrurru and Charlie Djurritjini. Perhaps best known ...
Dungay, Mabel, b. 1941
Mabel Dungay is a painter whose work depicts the memories she has of growing up on Burnt Bridge Mission near Kempsey, NSW as well as ...