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Everything in Between Workshops

by 3 Deep Design.

Series of workshops and collaborations between students, recent graduates and national/ international creative "thinkers".

Ian Andrews Retrospective: Electro-matic

by Andrews, Ian.

Presented by d/Lux/MediaArts as part of D>Art 01

Cicada Press Aboriginal Print Workshop

by Nannup, Laurel.

The workshop was the first in the College of Fine Arts, UNSW's Aboriginal Print Workshop. Six artists from across the country were invited to participae. ...

Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA)

by White, Anthony.

LIA is a non-profit residency programme that fosters artists internationally by providing them with spacious studios and cultural support, as well as opportunities to exhibit ...

Sydney Mix 2012

by Tuckfield-Carrano, Madeleine.

A celebration of diversity, hidden treasures & well known artists. Works from contemporary artists & selected secondary market works offer an insight into the nature ...

Freddie Timms

by Timms, Freddie.

represented by Gould Galleries

Olympics broadcast


ABC Outside Broadcast van used to broadcast the Melbourne Olympics ...

Commissioning of SILLIAC


(Presumably as part of the training process) the ABC OB van was used as an integral part of the dedication ceremony for the SILLIAC computer ...

Television broadcasting begins in Australia


First television broadcast from TCN-9 ...

GTV-9, HSV-7


GTV9 and HSV7 in Melbourne open

Launch of ABC


Inauguration of the ABC's first television broadcast by Prime Minister Menzies ...