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The Jungle

by Couros, Panos.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Performing Hearts Solo, Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP)

by Räuker, Ralf.

Performed on a bench outside the Gallery daily, 11-21 September, 2007. Satellite event of the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP) which was staged between ...

Transmétic: Ordonnance

by Barratt, Virginia.

Continuing in a spirit of transversal cross-contamination, Ordonnance is South-East London's third incarnation of Transmètic. A night of hyperstitional mythopoesis, para-academic rem(a)inder, resurfacing in the ...

Hamlet by Marowitz


Flinders drama group, dir. Henry Salter, performance

Hamlet by Marowitz

by Salter, Henry .

Flinders drama group, dir. Henry Salter, performance

Sound Landscape with Still and Shifting Figures

by Tolley, David, Tolley, Bruce.

David and Bruce Tolley, 2 performances with film and video images

4 Ritual Dances

by Roth, Evelyn .

Evelyn Roth (Canada), dance performance and film screening

Passengers in Overcoats

by Baxter, Virginia. All Out Ensemble.

Passengers in Overcoats by Gillian Jones theatre performance by Virginia Baxter

Situation Normal

by All Out Ensemble.

Theatre performance

Embrace and Diagram

by Lyons, David, Peplow, John.

John Peplow and David Lyons, 2 performances using video, computer graphics


by Chorney, Michael.

Moshe Kedem, dance group,Flinders University, with Michael Chorney, James Curry