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Collaborative group, "SCAR". Contemporary zine artists.
Half Dozen
Half Dozen was a curatorial collaboration that presented an annual event of six exhibitions, utilising varied venues around Sydney, Bangkok and Beijing from 2004 to ...
Electrofringe Ltd
Electrofringe Ltd is an electronic arts organisation dedicated to uncovering emerging artists and artforms. Electrofringe presents an annual festival and year-round program of experimental electronic ...
Greedy Hen
Greedy Hen is a collaboration between Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell. Functioning partly as an art collective and partly as a design studio, Katherine and ...
image of The Kingpins
The Kingpins
The Kingpins are a collaboration between Angelica Mesiti, Técha Noble, Emma Price and Katie Price. Coming out of Sydney’s drag scene, the all female foursome ...
Ms&Mr are artists Stephanie and Richard nova Milne. Born in Australia and Canada respectively, they are a married couple who collaborate artistically. Recognising themselves as ...
Boxcopy is a Brisbane based Artist Run Initiative (ARI). As well as being a contemporary art space that supports the experimental and inventive practices of ...
Wilkins Hill
Wilkins Hill is the collaboration between Wendy Wilkins and Wes Hill, working together since 2000.
The Cash Crew
The Crash Crew is comprised of Rohan Bridge, David Creed and Kristine Dragland. The began collaborating in 2005. The name ‘The Crash Crew’ stems from ...
An Optimism Of Youth
An Optimism of Youth was a collaboration between Simon Mandl, Esther Chung and Viviane Vaux.
Ferguson & Urie
Colonial Victorian Stained Glass craftsmen 'Ferguson & Urie' 1853 - 1899. Also see:
An evolving collaborative Art/Science group comprising artists, technologists, computer programmers and scientists. It was established in 2000 at the School of Anatomy and Human Biology, ...
cAVity was an audiovisual collaborative duo consisting of Cat Hope and Ann Walton.
Collaborative duo who explore the human condition through the mediums of photography, film, mixed-media and text..
Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano
Twins born in Australia in 1972 of Italian heritage. Both studied drawing separately at the Victorian College of the Arts, but later began to collaborate ...
An interdisciplinary collaborative group formed by Jonathan Duckworth, Lawrence Harvey and Mark Guglielmetti in 2000 concerned with exploring virtual reality technologies.
We Are All Boat People
We Are All Boat People - an activist collaboration formed in response to the Australian Government's handling of 'The Tampa crisis' when the Tampa, a ...