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Cave, N.
Sketcher of Derrick-street, Kew. Cave exhibited in the 1888-89 Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition.
Cavell, Paul Francis Louis, b. 1946
Painter, printmaker, illustrator and teacher, Cavell studied Architecture and Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne in 1965-66.
Cavill, Alice M., b. 1867
Painter, exhibited with the Sydney Society of Artists.
Cawker, Louis G., b. 1834
Painter and art teacher from Wales. His work was described as 'romantic scenes in Wales and the West of England'.
Cawston, William, b. 1828
Professional photographer, framer and gilder. Arrived in Tasmania as a convict and founded the photographic studio Cawston and Sons.
Cawthorne, William Anderson, b. 1824
Sketcher, watercolourist and schoolmaster in Adelaide, Vic. Known for his writings and artworks with a colonial focus.
Cayley, Neville Henry Penniston, b. 1854
Ornithological artist, especially of Australian game-birds. Born in England, lived mainly in New South Wales, and exhibited widely in Australia and internationally.
Cazneau, Pierce Mott, b. 1849
Professional photographer of French and English descent. Resident of Sydney, Newcastle, New Zealand and Adelaide.
Cazneaux, Harold, b. 1878
Cazneaux was the leader of Australian Pictorialist photography in the first half of the 20th century. The soft focussed beauty of his images helped a ...
Cederberg, John Peter
Painter and engraver, worked in Melbourne, Victoria.
Ceravolo, Rosanna
Ceravolo trained in architecture and works across furniture and industrial design. Her furniture collection debuted in 2012 and she has undertaken commissions for the retailer ...
Colonial South Australian cartoonist who used the pseudonym Cerberus, and employed Roman allegorical figures in his work to represent contemporary Australian concerns. He may have ...
Cerra, Carl
An industrial designer active in the automotive industry. Identified as an automobile body sculptor for clay mockups. Also worked for Titan Tools Australia.
Cetta, Lawrence, b. 1803
LAWRENCE CITTA (Cetta), alias LORENZO CITTE, aged 32, born Italy about 1802, tried 1834 in Sheffield, and transported on “Mary Ann” to New South Wales ...
Chadd, Lance, b. 1954
Western Australian artist of Noongar and Yamatji descent whose landscape images have been influenced by the works of the Carrolup artists and Hans Heysen.