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Carson, Dave, b.
Carson is based in Fremantle. He taught fine art before concentrating on new imaging technologies. David has collaborated with many art and industry organisations such ...
Duckworth, Jonathan
Jonathan Duckworth is a new media artist. His interests focus on the design, interaction, presence, and psychological effects of digital environments, having specialized in the ...
Guglielmetti, Mark
Melbourne-based new-media artist and scholar who has explored themes around cultural identity and virtual reality.
Harvey, Lawrence
Composer and sound designer based in Melbourne.
de Vietri, Christian
Australian artist based in New York who has an eclectic sculptural practice.
Home of the Blizzard

by Morse, Peter.

The 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition Stereoscopic Photographic Record” is a stereoscopic (“3D”) movie made from stereoscopic glass-plate images taken by Frank Hurley during the 1911-14 ...


by Carson, Dave.

3-D stereoscopic video installation, collaboration between David Carson, Brian McClave & George Millward. Explores the relationship between astrophysics, art and mythology in regional Australia.

video installation

An interdisciplinary collaborative group formed by Jonathan Duckworth, Lawrence Harvey and Mark Guglielmetti in 2000 concerned with exploring virtual reality technologies.

by Duckworth, Jonathan, Guglielmetti, Mark, Harvey, Lawrence, Kreger, Tim, Metraform.

Collaborative work. Consisted of several screens which displayed a wrap-around stereoscopic 3D image, and an interactive 8 channel sound field. Up to 4 participants could ...

sound field, screens, installation


by McCormick, John, Nash, Adam.

Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum


by Biggs, Simon.

Functioned as both an interactive immersive installation and web-based work.

installation, screens, digital video, internet


by Cypher, Mark.

Consists of internet data and a games engine. Computer software gathered information from blogs on neo-Darwinist and intelligent Design themes. This data modulated a 3D ...

computer software, internet data, new media, digital projection


by Carson, Dave.

collaborative work. Involved the production of video recordings of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) from different vantage points simultaneously. Ultimately the audience was able to ...

film, photography