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Anderson, Peter
Queensland educated, Melbourne based artist, freelance writer and curator
Ormella, Raquel, b. 1969
Artistic practice covering a diverse range of activities, including video, paintings, installations, drawings, and zines.
Shaw, Rod, b. 1915
Rod Shaw was a dominant figure in the left wing Studio of Realist Art in the 1950s while also being half of the progressive publisher, ...
Doherty, Brian, b. 1956
Screenprinter, artist and designer actively involved in 1980-1990 Brisbane artist-run spaces Red Comb House, A ROOM, That Contemporary Art Space. And in Sydney, Sydney Intermedia ...
Artists Against Uranium

by Artworkers Union of South Australia.

SA Artworkers Union, national collection of colour xerox images by many artists, show toured nationally and internationally continuously since

Anti Nuclear Lobby and Culture

by Watkins, Peter.

Peter Watkins, director of film The War Game, screening and discussion

Artists Against Uranium

by Goodwin, Christine, Kerr, David.

Second showing, expanded version, curators Christine Goodwin, David Kerr

Ledwich, Damien, b. 1955
Late 20th century Queensland political cartoonist, Ledwich became a prolific Union-Media cartoonist in Brisbane after drawing cartoons for the University of Queensland's student newspaper Semper ...
Martin, Mandy, b. 1952
One of the activist women artists who emerged in the mid-1970s, later turned from overtly political posters and industrial landscapes to painting powerful landscapes of ...
Barratt, Virginia, b. 1959
Virginia Barratt is a writer experimental poet performer and academic. Since 1992 Virginia has been an active participant and collaborator in the Australian and International ...
Richens, Jane, b. 1966
Installation artist and digital artist/designer actively involved in 1980-1990 Artist-run spaces including That Contemporary Art Space, The Queensland Artworker's Alliance and Bureau.
We Are All Boat People
We Are All Boat People - an activist collaboration formed in response to the Australian Government's handling of 'The Tampa crisis' when the Tampa, a ...
A Room of Ones Own

by Dumbrell, Lesley.

A Room of One’s Own was a seminal feminist. exhibition of work by three women artists: Ann Newmarch, Julie Irving and Lesley Dumbrell. It was ...

Heenan, Dianne, b.
Dianne was an active participant in Brisbane's artist-run scene between 1979 and 1985.