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Cass, Gary, b. 1966
Scientist and artist who has collaborated on several projects exploring the body and biological technologies.
Ben-Ary, Guy, b. 1967
Guy Ben-Ary is an artist and a researcher whose work uses emerging medias and in particular biologically related technologies (tissue culture, tissue engineering, electrophysiology and ...
Richards, Matt
Perth-based film producer and director who participated in the BioFeel exhibition at the 2002 Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP).
Brodyk, André, b.
Artist who has explored biological technologies and genetically modified material in his work.
Bunt, Stuart
Stuart Bunt is an artist and scientist based in Perth who works in the area of biological technologies. He co-founded the Art/Science research lab SymbioticA ...
Catts, Oron, b.
Born in Finland, currently living and working in Western Australia Oron Catts is a tissue engineering artist. Co-founder of the Art/Science collaborative research lab SymbioticA, ...
Zurr, Ionat, b.
Perth-based artist, researcher and curator whose practice has focused upon biological technologies. Co-founder of The Tissue Culture & Art Project.
Franklin, Donna
Perth-based artist who explores the interface between technology and the natural world and has created textile works out of living organisms such as fungi.
Tissue Culture & Art Project
An artistic research and laboratory project established by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr to explore tissue cultures and tissue engineering.
An evolving collaborative Art/Science group comprising artists, technologists, computer programmers and scientists. It was established in 2000 at the School of Anatomy and Human Biology, ...
Still, Living, Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP)

by Canning, Marcus, Cass, Gary, Catts, Oron, Hauser, Jens, Zurr, Ionat. Tissue Culture & Art Project, SymbioticA.

Part of the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (Stillness) which was staged between 10 - 23 September, 2007. Curated by Jens Hauser (Germany/France).

Dynamic Seeding Musical Bioreactor

by Catts, Oron, Zurr, Ionat, Tissue Culture & Art Project.

Collaboration between the Tissue Culture & Art Project and Adam Zaretsky (U.S). Involved exposing the 'Pig Wings' being created by the Tissue, Culture & Art ...

Fish and Chips

by Ben-Ary, Guy, Bunt, Stuart, Catts, Oron, Gamblen, Phil, Richards, Matt, Zurr, Ionat, SymbioticA.

Created by the SymbioticA research group in collaboration with US researchers Steve M Potter, Tom DeMarse and Alexander Shkolnik. Involved using the electrical activity of ...

installation, tissue technologies, sound, robotics

Anarchy Cell Line

by Verspaget, Cynthia J.

A cell line derived from the artist's cells as well as those of Henrietta Lacks. Lacks was an African-America cancer patient whose cells were cultured ...

cells, tissue

MEART - the semi living artist

by Ben-Ary, Guy, Bunt, Stuart, Catts, Oron, Gamblen, Phil, Richards, Matt, Zurr, Ionat, SymbioticA.

Created by the SymbioticA Research Group, Gil Wienberg (US) and Matt Richards (US) in collaboration with US scientists Steve M Potter, Tom DeMarse & Alexander ...

new media, tissue technologies, robotics, drawing, installation