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Mosey, Anne, b. 1950
Anne Mosey is an installation artist best known for her cross-cultural collaborations with Dolly Nampijinpa Daniels. She was a founding member of the Artist Run ...
Blackwood, Matt, b. 1970
Award winner screenwriter and locative media storyteller
ngurra (camp/home/country)

by Mosey, Anne.

ngurra (camp/home/country) was one of a series of collaborative installations between Anne Mosey and Dolly Nampijinpa Daniels. The two women created complementary living spaces in ...

The way things are

by Johnson, Tim.

Synthetic polymer paint on linen, 5 parts, 182 x 61 cm each; 182 x 307 cm overall : with Nava Chapman, Yiwon Park and Karma ...

Synthetic polymer paint on linen

Jones, Jonathan, b. 1978
Artist and curator who worked for some years at the Art Gallery of NSW. Jones was born in Sydney in 1978 and is of Wiradjuri ...
McKay, Jan
Jan McKay
de Almeida, Pedro
Pedro de Almeida's curatorial practice is characterised by a strong awareness of the political and cultural context of where art is to be shown and ...
Cass, Gary, b. 1966
Scientist and artist who has collaborated on several projects exploring the body and biological technologies.
Suiter, Wendy, b. 1954
Suiter is an artist/composer working in installations, music and sound.
Edge of Elsewhere

by Andrew, Brook, Bell, Richard, Sabsabi, Khaled, Suwannakudt, Phaptawan.

Final installation of three-year project by Campbelltown Arts Centre and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, opened January 14th 2012 as part of Sydney Festival’s ...

The Drowned World: Jon Cattapan Works and Collaborations

by Cattapan, Jon.

The drowned world is a major survey of the work of Melbourne-based artist, Jon Cattapan. The drowned world includes a selection of paintings and works ...


by Chandler, Sadie, Richardson, Elvis.

CoUNTess is a blog that presents data and reviews on gender representation in the Australian Contemporary art-world.


Kelly, Deborah, b. 1962
Deborah Kelly is a socially engaged Melbourne born Sydney based artist whose work is shown and collected nationally and internationally.
Weissensteiner, Elisabeth, b. 1958
Elisabeth Weissensteiner works in sculpture, mixed media including photo-based work, art-science collaborations, and installations. Characteristic for her approach to art is a subtle investigation of ...
National Women's Art Exhibition


The National Women's Art Exhibition was a series of independent shows held in over 150 venues in 1995 to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the ...

The Drawing Exchange 2018

by Haselton, Louise, Klavins, Bernadette, Kutschbach, Michael, Lehmann, Chelsea, Richardson, Mary-Jean, Valamanesh, Hossein, Warburton, Toni.

Joint exhibit between Adelaide Central School of Art and the National Art School with Louise Haselton, Damian Dillon, Bernadette Klavins, Toni Warburton, Michael Kutschbach, Marian ...

Art Work

by Downes, Nancy, Turnbull, Lucy.

Art Work transposes the private world of the artist studio in to the public realm of the gallery. Adelaide artists Nancy Downes and Lucy Turnbull ...

No Human Being Is Illegal (In All Our Glory)

by Kelly, Deborah.

Collaborative work made through workshop process with participants. 19 pigment ink print on Hahnemuhle papers bonded to aluminium, with collage from books and found materials, ...

Photography, Collage