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Ngali-ngalim-boorroo (For the Women)

by Carrington, Betty, Juli, Mabel, Mung, Beryline, Nodea, Nancy, Purdie, Shirley, Ramsey, Kathy, Thomas, Mary.

Ngali-ngalim-boorroo (For the Women) is a two-part exhibition at The Cross Art Projects and Sydney College of Arts Gallery (opening Thur 23 Oct to 7 ...

My Sisters and other Ghosts: Genevieve Chua, Imhathai Suwatthanasilp, Bussaraporn Thongchai

by Chua, Genevieve, Stephens, Jasmin, Suwatthanansilp, Imhathai, Thongchai, Bussaraporn.

Chua, Suwatthanansilp and Thongchai are early career artists who live in Singapore and Bangkok. They share an interest in modes of disclosure and the complexities ...

Raquel Ormella: Artists as Cartoonists, or Extended Black and White

by Ormella, Raquel, Pulie, Elizabeth, Stephens, Jasmin.

This exhibition presents two new works by Raquel Ormella. Pages from the graphic novel, Joan Kerr and the Mysterious Vanessa, are displayed in the gallery ...