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Andrew, Robert, b. 1965
Robert Andrew combines electromechanical devices to erode and expose substrata and to build residues.
Anwar, Rushdi, b. 1971
Rushdi Anwar, originally from Kurdistan, currently working between Australia and Thailand, makes art influenced by the conflicts that have governed his life so far. In ...
Banyard, Kylie, b. 1974
Kylie Baryard's multidisciplinary work is grounded in painting, but intersects with photography, video, sculpture and architectural spaces.
Allen, Barbara, b. 1957
Barbara was an active participant of the 1980s Qld ARI sector.
Bennett, Gordon, b. 1955
Acclaimed contemporary Indigenous artist, Gordon Bennett's work explores the role of language and systems of thought in forging identity. Much of his work is concerned ...
Brontë, Hannah, b. 1991
Hannah Brontë explores female empowementr using the visual and aural language of popular culture, hip-hop and slang
Chapman, Rebecca , b. 1960
Rebecca was an active participant of the 1980s QLD ARI sector.
Coulthard, Selma Nunay , b. 1954
Selma Nunay Coulthard began painting after she was stolen from her family as a child, and taken to Ntaria (Hermannsburg Mission). Here she became aware ...
Glass-Kantor, Alexi
Alexie Glass-Kantor is the Executive Director of Artspace in Sydney. She first worked as a curator at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in ...
McKimm, Chris, b. 1966
Chris was an active participant of the 1980's QLD ARI sector.
Phillips, Caroline A, b. 1966
Caroline A Phillips is a contemporary Australian visual artist and researcher
Watters, Frank, b. 1934
Frank Watters was one of the most influential figures in Australian art in the second half of the 20th century. From 1964-2018 he, along with ...
Wright, William, b. 1937
As well as an extensive career as an artist Bill Wright became one of the most influential curators of contemporary art in Australia. After directing ...
Bent, Murray, b. 1964
Murray was an active participant of the 1980s QLD ARI sector.