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Ettrick, Donna
Participated in the 'Screen' exhibition at the 2002 Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP).
Gravina, Dave, b.
Dave Gravina is an activist and company director of Digital Design and Production company. He is involved in multiple collaborations in digital spaces.
Mantzaris, Diane, b. 1962
Artist regarded for her pioneering application of digital imaging to printmaking/artmaking. Mantzaris has exhibited nationally and throughout Asia in touring exhibitions. Her practice crosses several ...
Allerding, Amanda
Perth-based artist and writer.
Biggs, Simon, b. 1957
Australian-born digital media artist, researcher and curator who has been based in the UK since 1986.
Faigenbaum, Kai
Artist who participated in the Screen exhibition at the 2002 Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP).
Barstow, Clive
Artist, academic and director of Open Bite Australia Print Workshop.
Gwilt, Ian
Ian Gwilt is a digital artist, a lecturer in visual communications at the University of Technology Sydney,and an adjunct fellow in computer graphic design at ...
Jansons, Bernd, b. 1948
Bernd Jansons is a professional artist working in the digital medium. His work has been exhibited in Australia in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, ...
Cypher, Mark
Widely exhibited and collected Western Australian artist, designer and lecturer who explores interactivity across a range of mediums.
Drake-Brockman, Geoffrey, b. 1964
Geoffrey Drake Brockman is a sculptural and installation artist who has incorporated the use of robotics and lasers into his work.
Kaye, Nicola
Perth-based artist, curator and academic who has explored the impact of digital and virtual culture upon our lives.
Langley, Somaya Zoe, b. 1976
Somaya Langley has a background in digital culture with a focus on sound and media arts, digital collections, festivals and events. She was Production Manager ...
Terry, Stephen
Western Australian new media artist.
Velonaki, Mari
Artist and scholar based in Sydney whose work focuses on interactive installation and robotics.
Andrews, Ian, b. 1961
Ian Andrews is a Sydney based independent film, video and sound artist who began practising in 1981. Much of Andrews’ work consists of video/sound collage, ...
Bunt, Brogan
Wollongong-based artist and academic whose practice traverses digital media, video and software development.
Corbet, David, b. 1955
David Corbet is an educator, artist/designer, writer, editor and curator. He teaches in the Art and Design domains at UNSW and the University of Sydney. ...
Guglielmetti, Mark
Melbourne-based new-media artist and scholar who has explored themes around cultural identity and virtual reality.