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Bennett, L.
Exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in the early 1930s.
Braunsdorf, G.
Exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1910.
Broadhurst, Eliza, b. 1839
Eliza Broadhurst was born in 1839. She was an embroiderer. Broadhurst's grandfather was the Earl of Inchiquin. Christening gown dating from around 1860s made by ...
Bussell, Mary Yates, b. 1805
Western Australian embroiderer whose pattern books held by the Royal Western Australian Historical Society indicate that she was expert at Ayrshire (Scottish Flowering) white work.
Clifton, Kate
Painter and embroiderer. Her husband, Charles Leslie Worsley Clifton, was the first manager of the Fremantle branch of the Western Australian Bank.
Courthope, Annie Harriet, b. 1850
Annie Harriet Courthope was born in 1850. She was embroiderer who was the eldest daughter of Edward Lane Courthope, Auditor General of the Colony of ...
Dwyer, Mary
Queensland embroiderer
Glyde, F.
Embroiderer who was a student at Perth Technical School under Loui Benham.
Law, R.C.
Embroiderer who exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1908.
Leviny, Hilda, b. 1883
Artist,woodcarver, embroiderer and college house matron. The youngest of the Leviny sisters.
Manning, Emily Armit, b. 1853
Emily Armit Manning was born in 1853. She was taught embroidery by the nuns at St Joseph's Convent Fremantle.
Massey, A.M., b.
Embroiderer and painter who was born in Hungary where she had studied art before coming to Australia. She exhibited with the West Australian Society of ...
Misses McKinlay were taught the art of Spanish blackwork embroidery by their mother and exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1912.
Moore, Tim, b. 1974
English born artist working in drawing and embroidery
Embroiderer who exhibited at the Manufacturers Exhibition in Queen's Hall around 1898/1900.
Passmore, Henry, b. 1840
Amateur furniture maker, woodcarver and embroiderer who exhibited internationally.
Raetze, Silke, b. 1975
German born painter and textile artist
Rolland, Norma Maria, b. 1906
Embroiderer and weaver, Rolland set up a studio in Western Australian where she wove tweeds, lampshades, bright-coloured woollen knee-rugs, vividly coloured linen tablemats, guest towels ...
Russ, Clementina, b. 1814
Embroiderer, a framed embroidered wool picture of hers, circa 1871, is in Russ Cottage, Dongara, West Australia.