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Hay, Paul
Experimental and performance artist whose career began in Adelaide in the 1970s.
Hayter, Steven
Installation artist associated with Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, in the 1970s.
Hobba, Leigh, b. 1949
Experimental performance and new media artist who first exhibited with the Experimental Art Foundation in the mid 1970s.
Cowley, Jim, b. 1941
Jim Cowley's performance art and the accompanying photographic documentation had a significant influence on directions of conceptual art in Adelaide in the 1970s.
Rea, , b. 1962
r e a is an artist whose works across a number of art forms and new-media interdisciplinary arts practices.
Gerner, Philip
South Australian video and photographic artist associated with the Experimental Art Foundation in Adelaide.
Noakes, Roger, b. 1954
Roger Noakes' career was nurtured in the atmosphere of Adelaide's Experimental Art Foundation in the 1970s. His experimental approach to form evolved into a practice ...
Flugelman, Bert, b. 1923
Sculptor, painter, and mentor to many younger artists, Bert Flugelman came to Australia as a refugee shortly before the outbreak of World War II. In ...
Sheridan, Noel, b. 1936
Painter, post-object artist, always encouraging new ideas, Noel Sheridan had a major impact on art and ideas in Adelaide and Perth as well as his ...
de Gruchy, Ian, b. 1952
Ian de Gruchy is best known for his large digitised projections of slide and video projections on the walls of public buildings.
Ratus Ratus

by Bajko, Michael.

Installed in the Experimental Art Foundation basement, 1976

Dodd, Margaret, b. 1941
As a student Margaret Dodd exhibited in the first Funk Ceramic exhibition in San Francisco in 1968. After returning to Australia she became a major ...