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Parr, Robert, b. 1923
The construction of Robert Parr's whimsical sculptures in metal and fabric is informed by his original training as an engineer.
Cruickshank, Rina, b. 1949
Rina Cruickshank practiced as a fabric artist using crochet, shells and lima beans in her work. She exhibited at the Art Gallery of New South ...
Dorrough, Heather, b. 1933
Dorrough was born in London where she worked as an interior designer. She came to Australia via New York and continued her interiors work while ...
Repeating Patterns

by Mackay, Jan.

Jan Mackay, slide/talk on furniture, fabrics etc

Fashion label established by Cathy Braid and Kirsten Ainsworth in 2003. Fabrics and patterns were handcrafted by Pakistani women.
Warps and Wefts

by Clift, Nicole, Dohrmann, Lucia, Fuller, Helen.

Group exhibition approaches to fabric and textile art: Nerida Bell, Nicole Clift, Lucia Dohrmann and Helen Fuller

It cuts both ways


120 x 46 x 10 cm “Referring to the balance between gender and races, the bold sculpture suggests that any potential movement of either pair ...

carved salvaged Huon pine, fabric, shears, paint

1 million years

by West, Hayley.

*1 million years* saw the return of another former Darwin-based artist to NCCA, with NSW-based Hayley West employing sculpture and video-based performance to address persistent ...