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Mora, Mirka Madeleine, b. 1928
Mirka Mora’s joyeous experimental art gave a bohemian flavour to Melbourne life, both with her former husband, the resistance fighter and restaurateur Georges, and then ...
Oliver, Margot, b. 1947
Margot Oliver is a feminist filmmaker and photographer. Her work deals particularly with Australian women's labour history.
Churcher, Betty, b. 1931
Betty Churcher, who was the first woman to head both a state and national art gallery, had an extraordinary career in arts education and administration ...
Muddiman, Susi
Curator and Gallery Director
Warburton, Toni, b. 1951
Sculptor, painter, object-maker, primary discipline is ceramics.
Brontë, Hannah, b. 1991
Hannah Brontë explores female empowementr using the visual and aural language of popular culture, hip-hop and slang
Johnson, Helen, b. 1979
Helen Johnson's paintings are concerned with how art can be used to create contemplative spaces, to consider different ways of thinking.
Phillips, Caroline A, b. 1966
Caroline A Phillips is a contemporary Australian visual artist and researcher
Raisin, Hannah, b. 1987
Hannah Raisin is a Female Australian Contemporary Artist. Raisin is the primary figure in her; live and gallery performances, videos, sound and digital photography which ...
Farman, Nola, b. 1939
Nola Farman is an interdisciplinary artist who works in whatever medium suits the concept. Her work ranges from permanent public sculpture through installation, painting, drawing ...
Langley, Somaya Zoe, b. 1976
Somaya Langley has a background in digital culture with a focus on sound and media arts, digital collections, festivals and events. She was Production Manager ...
Newmarch, Ann Foster, b. 1945
Painter, printmaker, sculptor and lecturer, studied SA Teachers' College. Member Print Council of Australia.
Wilson, Dora L., b. 1883
Best known for her street scenes showing figures in dappled light, Dora Wilson was also a printmaker who was awarded a silver medal for the ...