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Cutten, Len, b. 1910
Watercolorist and graphic artist who exhibited with the Perth Society of Artists and West Australian Society of Arts.
Cummings, Douglas Laurie, b. 1897
Sign writer, watercolourist, policeman, photographer and graphic artist who exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts and designed the Pitman & Walsh Memorial in ...
Fryer, Benjamin, b. 1879
Fryer was a printer, book designer and writer. He was born in Australia and finished his career in California.
Gibbs, Audrey, b. 1921
Gibbs began her career in graphic arts ca.1939, later studying painting in Queensland's Central Technical College and the College of Art. She exhibited widely in ...
Leeming, Fiona
Leeming studied design and graphic arts at Swinburne University, Melbourne, later working for USP Needham, the Masius agency, Melbourne, Young & Rubicam, London and other ...
Mucci, Michael, b. 1962
Mucci was an illustrator with the Fairfax (later Nine Entertainment Company) newspapers (retired 2016), Sydney, also working as a painter with works in the Archibald ...
Naughton, Keith, b. 1925
Naughton was a painter primarily of "Outback" scenes and scenery. He began his career as a graphic designer and illustrator for advertising agencies in Australia ...
Webb, Michaela
Webb trained in graphic design in New Zealand, first working in advertising internationally, then moving to Australia in 2002 where she founded Studio Round, Melbourne.
Sheedy P/L Signwriting Co.
Sheedy P/L Signwriting Co. was a Sydney-based sign writing firm producing signage, trade cards, point-of-purchase displays for major firms such as Coca-Cola, Woolworths, Coles and ...
image of 3 Deep Design
3 Deep Design
3 Deep Design is a Melbourne based graphic design practice known for their customized and bespoke work.

by Allen, Joyce L. McC, Hickey, Dale, Hunter, Robert, Jacks, Robert, Johnson, Michael, Lanceley, Colin, Larter, Richard, Leach-Jones, Alun, Lendon, Nigel, Ramsden, Mel, Rooney, Robert, Sharp, Martin, Stacey, Wes, Strizic, Mark, Talbot, Henry, Worth, Margaret.

1968 was an exhibition of works from the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Australia, curated by Michael Desmond and Christine Dixon. As the ...