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Glaser, Michelle
Perth-based artist, curator, writer and festival director.
Rye, David
Roboticist based at the University of Sydney who has collaborated with interactive installation artist Mari Velonaki.
Biggs, Simon, b. 1957
Australian-born digital media artist, researcher and curator who has been based in the UK since 1986.

by Helyer, Nigel.

CrayVox is a new project under development for the IASKA Space(D) Biennale which will debut at the Fremantle Arts Centre in February of 2012.

Drop of Wisdom

by Duckworth, Jonathan.

Drops of Wisdom is a three meter diameter circular interactive table commissioned by the Sydney Catchment Authority for the Warragamba Dam visitor exhibition titled ‘Water ...


by Bunt, Brogan.

Screen-based interactive work.

new media

Wii Leaf

by Duckworth, Jonathan.

Wii Leaf is an interactive installation that enables participants to explore embodied notions of touch, body movement, and playful experience.

doctor pancoast's cabinet de curiosités

by Glaser, Michelle.

collaborative work created by Michelle Glaser, Mia Lalanne, Marie-louise Xavier and Chris Wells.

Marynowsky, Wade, b. 1974
Media artist working across robotics, immersive and interactive installation, performance, music and video. His work straddles both 'artificial-life' and 'live art'.
Cypher, Mark
Widely exhibited and collected Western Australian artist, designer and lecturer who explores interactivity across a range of mediums.
Leggett, Michael Graham, b. 1945
Mike Leggett has film and video work in archives and collections in Europe, Australia, North and South America. He has curated exhibitions of computer mediated ...
Terry, Stephen
Western Australian new media artist.
Velonaki, Mari
Artist and scholar based in Sydney whose work focuses on interactive installation and robotics.
Wallworth, Lynette
Sydney-based artist whose practice spans photography, video installation and film.
Bunt, Brogan
Wollongong-based artist and academic whose practice traverses digital media, video and software development.