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Velonaki, Mari
Artist and scholar based in Sydney whose work focuses on interactive installation and robotics.
A Journey through Dashilar

by Miller, Brad.

A 10m long digital scroll on a series of LCD panels with a continuous series of text and characters which move in relation to pedestrian ...

interactive installation, compututional


by Miller, Brad.

Supported by ArtsNSW Funding and Destination NSW commission. Software development:Dave Towey, Adam Hinshaw Sound developed: Dr. Ian McArthur Funding: DNSW, ArtsNSW

public art, Interactive Installation



interactive installation


by Miller, Brad.

In this very widescreen work, rows of varying depths featuring still images of Sydney travel horizontally in opposite directions, come momentarily to rest and then ...

interactive installation

Cardiomorphologies v.2

by Khut, George, Muller, Lizzie, Turner, Greg.

Collaborative work. Interactive installation in which sensing devices measured participants' heartbeat and breathing patterns. These patterns produced an abstract interactive artwork comprising both visuals and ...

sensing devices, sound, installation, new media, programming


by Krauth, Alinta Kiri.

An interactive art history of Brisbane's tram network projection mapped onto the tram switch room inside Brisbane's Powerhouse. Audio also created by artist.

Projection Mapping, Interactive installation


by Hinshaw, Adam, Miller, Brad.

plasma_flow is a spectacular large-scale interactive projected installation and uses adaptive surround sounds to reinforce the user experience of interacting with a cloud of highly ...

installation, multi media

VIVID 2012 Lights ON!

by Miller, Brad.

Adam Hinshaw (Programming) Ian McArthur (Producer & Audio) (NSW) Ian Andrews (Audio) original reworking of patch (NSW) by Derek Holzer NL (Audio) Special thanks to ...