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Collings, Silver, b. 1940
With experience in Australia and London, Collings works as a jeweller and sculptor.
Tilden, Blanche
Jeweller who, with Phoebe Porter, co-founded the Melbourne-based Studio Hacienda.
Exhibition "Passion for Plastics"

by Tully, Peter.

Peter Tully in "Passion for Plastics" at Ace's Art Shop 144 Edgecliff Rd Woollahra NSW . Exhibition opened 12 December 1976.

"Living Plastics" Jewellery by Peter Tully and An Australian Dream Lounge by David McDiarmid

by Tully, Peter.

"Living Plastics" 6-24 December 1977 at Hogarth Galleries Paddington NSW. Featured Peter Tully "Jewellery" and David McDiarmid "An Australian Dream Lounge"

New Work by David McDiarmid and Peter Tully

by Tully, Peter.

The 1978 exhibition at Hogarth Galleries titled "New Work by David McDiarmid and Peter Tully"

Urban Tribalwear by Peter Tully

by Tully, Peter.

"Urban Tribalwear" by Peter Tully at the Crafts Council of Australia Gallery Sydney November -December 1980.

Nine Artists February 1992

by Tully, Peter.

Nine Artists at Barry Stern Gallery ,including Peter Tully, David McDiarmid, William Yang, Murray Hilton and others.

Dare, Jess
South Australian glass and metal contemporary jeweller
Herzger, Gertrude, b. 1901
According to interviews and an investigation by architect Bruce Eeles, Herzger studied at the Bauhaus, Weimar in 1919-1920. Herzger drawings for Walter Gropius's design for ...
Widmer, Harry M.
Widmer was an industrial designer with studies in art and design, Kunstgewerbeschule, Zurich. Industrial designer BMC Australia 1956, Kriesler Radio 1958, Design director Kriesler Radio ...
Hosking, Marian
Melbourne-based silversmith and jewellery designer who creates intricate wearable pieces, vessels and sculpted objects out of silver.
Porter, Phoebe
Jeweller and cofounder, with Blanche Tilden, of the Melbourne-based 'Studio Hacienda'.
Gallagher, Stephen , b. 1967
Stephen Gallagher pursues Elizabethan ornamentation in "Reflections through the Elizabethan eye: Contemporary practice and history". His work demonstrates how the past continues to be relevant ...
Raft, Emanuel, b. 1938
The Egyptian born Emanuel Raft brought a cosmopolitan perspecive to the way he approached painting, sculpture and design. He was also a teacher and mentor ...


Exhibition of electronic jewellery made from Light Emitting Diodes (LED), which had just come on the market.

Primitive offerings, pedestals and glitter

by Jenkins, Daniel, Marshall, Marion.

Supported by the visual Arts/Crafts board of the Australia Council. Forged steel, bronze and jewellery by Marion Marshall and Daniel Jenkins. Source: Solo Survey Exhibition ...

Urban tribalwear and beyond: Peter Tully

by Tully, Peter.

Curated by John McPhee, with assistance from Susan McCormack.

"Florescents" by Peter Tully

by Tully, Peter.

"Florescents" by Peter Tully , a collection of jewellery and costumes at 135 Crown St , East Sydney in 1981

Project 33: Art Clothes

by Arbuz, Mark, Bannister, Jenny, Durham, Kate, Goold, Bruce, Gordon, Robyn, Hare, Graeme, Jackson, Linda, Kee, Jenny, Leser, Deborah, Maplestone, David, McDiarmid, David, Norrie, Susan, Pye, Katie, Scott, Peter, Tully, Peter, Tune, Lyn, de Teliga, Jane.

Project 33 "Art Clothes" mixed exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW) with Peter Tully, David McDiarmid, Jenny Kee, Linda Jackson, Katie Pye , ...

Hansen, John, b.
New media artist who has worked across a range of electronic media. His practice has traversed kinetic sculpture, lighting shows and installations, electronic jewellery, video ...