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Armstrong, John, b. 1948
John Armstrong's sculptures were made from manipulated found objects, carefully arranged or clamped together.
Clarke, Karina Louise, b. 1967
Contemporary Sydney designer Karina Clarke specialises in furniture, lighting, object and interior design, and teaches in Design at the College of Fine Arts, University of ...
Danko, Aleks, b. 1950
One of Australia's leading conceptual artists, the South Australian born Danko has always been concerned with process as much as the objects eventually (or ephemerally) ...
Singe, Michael
Mike Singe, mixed media artist, moved from Western Australia to Hobart in late 2008 where he received his Master’s degree from the Tasmanian School of ...
Drought vessel

by Blyfield, Julie.

12.5 x 24.5 x 23.0 cm

Sterling silver

Rowe, Amelia, b. 1966
Amelia Rowe, mixed media artist, is based in Lauceston, Tasmania, and uses sculpture and installation to respond to those living within the West Tamar Valley.
White, Anthony, b. 1976
Anthony White b.1976 National Art School (Painting) Sydney. He immigrated to Paris, 2009. He was the recipient of The Gruner Prize for Landscape Painting 2005 ...
Lotersztain, Alexander, b.
Brisbane-based designer who works across the areas of furniture, interior, object and lighting design.
Nixon, John, b. 1949
John Nixon's art is best described as radical minimalism. His tough non-objective approach to art was first developed in his student years and continued throughout ...
Sheridan, Noel, b. 1936
Painter, post-object artist, always encouraging new ideas, Noel Sheridan had a major impact on art and ideas in Adelaide and Perth as well as his ...
Harrison, Marc, b.
Designer known for his Husque bowls, made with recycled macadamia shells.
Riedelbauch, Gilbert, b.
Design practitioner and university lecturer based in Canberra whose works explore the meeting points between traditional silversmithing and craftsmanship and new technologies.
The Three Sisters

by Marcus, Donna.

aluminium, sculpture

Anita Larkin -Defiance Gallery 2009

by Johnson , Anita.

25 February - 21st March 2009 Defiance Gallery, 47 Enmore Rd, Newtown. Solo show of sculptures using collected objects.

5th Beijing International Art Biennial 2012

by Johnson , Anita.

The 5th Beijing International Art Biennale The National Art Museum of China, Beijing. 28th September – 22nd October 2012. work exhibited: Apparatus for the Repatriation ...


by Atkins, Peter.

This exhibition brings together drawing and painting works by contemporary artists Peter Atkins and Matt Arbuckle, each renowned for repurposing found materials to create original ...


by Butler, Liz, Moy, Maggie.

(im)Perfection presents works by South Australian artists Liz Butler and Maggie Moy, who share a preoccupation with the histories of discarded objects and overlooked elements ...

The Breath Within, Defiance Gallery 2015

by Johnson , Anita.

THE BREATH WITHIN Sculpture and Collage by Anita Larkin Defiance Gallery. 6 May-30th May 2015 catalogue published. film also made by Caroline Baum and Ashley ...

The Improbable Object, Defiance Gallery, 2012

by Johnson , Anita.

THE IMPROBABLE OBJECT Anita Larkin -sculpture 23rd May - 16th June 2012 DEFIANCE GALLERY 47 Enmore Rd Newtown,Sydney

two inches off the ground

by Golland, Karen.

Solo exhibition "The pieces in Two inches off the ground reveal the imaginative space of intensely working – to transform materials through the practice of ...