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Fernanda Cardoso, Maria, b. 1963
Maria Fernanda Cardoso is an internationally renowned artist, born in Colombia, currently living in Sydney, Australia. She is well known for her unconventional use of ...
Kane, Julius
German born and educated, Julius Kane was one of the most influential figures in Melbourne sculpture in the 1950s until his death in 1962. His ...
Arkeveld, Hans, b. 1942
Perth-based painter, sculptor and printmaker. Has been a long term artist in residence at the School of Anatomy and Human Biology at the University of ...
Cass, Gary, b. 1966
Scientist and artist who has collaborated on several projects exploring the body and biological technologies.
Catts, Oron, b.
Born in Finland, currently living and working in Western Australia Oron Catts is a tissue engineering artist. Co-founder of the Art/Science collaborative research lab SymbioticA, ...
Zurr, Ionat, b.
Perth-based artist, researcher and curator whose practice has focused upon biological technologies. Co-founder of The Tissue Culture & Art Project.
Franklin, Donna
Perth-based artist who explores the interface between technology and the natural world and has created textile works out of living organisms such as fungi.
Emu Wear

by Fernanda Cardoso, Maria.

performance, emu feathers


by Canning, Marcus, Catts, Oron, Zurr, Ionat, Tissue Culture & Art Project.

Collaborative work. Consisted of a vessel in which living cells and tissue from a variety of organisms were grown and maintained.

biotechnologies, organic matter

The Semi-Living Worry Dolls

by Ben-Ary, Guy, Catts, Oron, Zurr, Ionat, Tissue Culture & Art Project, SymbioticA.

7 'doll' sculptures crafted from degradable polymers and surgical sutures. Sterilised and seeded with different kind of cells (skin, muscle and bone tissue), which cause ...

degradable polymer, tissue culture

Fibre Reactive

by Franklin, Donna.

Bio-art piece consisting of a dress made from living fungi.

living organisms, fungi

Biodifference, Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP)

by Arkeveld, Hans, Catts, Oron, Franklin, Donna, Verspaget, Cynthia J, Zurr, Ionat.

Part of the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (Same Difference), staged between 10 September and 12 December 2004.

Bleeding Angel

by Cass, Gary, Chandrasekaran, S..

collaborative work



by Moore, Darren, Vickery, Lindsay.

Collaborative and improvised series of performances developed in association with the Art/Science research laboratory SymbioticA.

Sound, performance

Organic Data

by Krauth, Alinta Kiri.

A public digital art event held in 2016 created to coincide with the World Science Festival, Brisbane. Entire laneways were lit up with interactive artworks ...