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Shead, Garry, b. 1942
Film maker, cartoonist and Archibald and Dobell Prize winning artist Garry Shead's work is held in most major public collections in Australia. He has created ...
Sharp, Martin, b. 1942
Late 20th century Sydney artist. Sharp's 1964 cartoon "The Word Spread Round the Arms", published in "Oz" was seen to breach the Obscene and Indecent ...
Glasheen, Mick
Late 20th century cartoonist, sketcher and experimental filmmaker. Glasheen established the experimental video art group Bush Video in the early 1970s.
Kingston, Peter, b. 1943
Sydney painter, printmaker and cartoonist. Kingston was one of the key figures in Martin Sharp’s Yellow House. Many of his works honoured comic strip heroes, ...

by Binns, Vivienne, Burn, Ian, Christmann, Gunter, Dawson, Janet, Gilbert, Kevin, Partos, Paul.

The 1968 exhibition was curated in 1995 by Michael Desmond and Christine Dixon and was drawn entirely from the National Gallery of Australia's collection. It ...