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Barker, John, b. 1867
Painter and potter who exhibited with the South Devon Arts Society, British Watercolour Society, West Australian Society of Arts and Perth Society of Artists.
Barker, Leolin Addison, b. 1895
Potter who came to Western Australia in 1922. He was a co-owner of the Narrogin Pottery.
Courtland, Charles Grenville
Potter son of Charles Richard Courtland. He wedged and threw immense weights - up to seventy-five pounds - well in excess of what was recognised ...
Courtland, Charles Richard, b. 1872
Charles Richard Courtland was born in 1872. He was a potter who won a medal at the 'Chamber of Manufactures Exhibition' in Perth in 1906.
Dziwinski, Ida, b.
Pottery worker who was born in Germany and worked for Brisbane & Wunderlich for 28 years.
Manners, Erna, b. 1899
Teacher and potter who was trained at the Royal Academy in London. Manners contributed to the community by editing a magazine 'Western Australian Art' that ...
McSwain, Heather, b. 1921
Heather McSwain was a potter. She was aware of international trends and historic work but as an artist/designer-potter strove for individuality.
Piercy, Alan
Potter who was badly injured during World War II and later worked at Calyx Porcelain and Paint Factory.
Sheen, Margaret Burgess, b. 1922
Potter, teacher and craftsman supplier. Her students included Joan Campbell, Robert Bell, Ray Sampson, Joan Piggford and the first teachers of pottery for high schools ...
Ousback, Anders, b. 1951
Well-known and admired Sydney restaurateur and ceramicist.
Sherratt, Norman, b.
Pottery decorator who worked in England for Royal Doulton.
Davis, Paul, b. 1951
Esteemed Australian ceramicist whose works are often inspired by the Japanese aesthetic. He ran Sturt Pottery in Mittagong between 2001 and 2008.
Alexander, Doug, b. 1945
Doug Alexander operated the Red Barn Pottery, New Zealand, and established Springmount Pottery (Creswick, Victoria) and was the first resident potter at Cuppacumbalong Pottery, Tharwa ...
Drok, Kitty, b.
Kitty Drok was born in Indonesia. She was a china painter and potter who was a founding member of what is now the International China ...
Escourt, Millicent Alethea, b. 1891
Escourt studied at the Perth Technical School and at Fremantle Technical School. She exhibited both pottery and china painting.
Lang, Jean Euphemia, b. 1912
Jean Euphemia Lang was born in 1912. She was an illustrator, painter, china painter, potter, teacher and historian. In 1991 she was awarded Citizen of ...
Lutz, Agnes Gray, b. 1881
Agnes Gray Lutz was a potter, china painter, and painter based in Western Australia.
Warrandyte Pottery Expo

by van Ketwich, Peter.

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Livesey, Alice Mary, b. 1928
Alice Mary Livesey was born in 1928. Sh was a china painter, potter, watercolorist, printmaker and teacher. She exhibited with the Western Australian Women's Society ...