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Armstrong, Keith, b. 1965
Keith Armstrong specialises in collaborative, hybrid, new media works with an emphasis on innovative performance forms, site-specific electronic arts, networked interactive installations, alternative interfaces, public ...
Gates-Stuart, Eleanor
Eleanor Gates-Stuart has a unique profile that extends a spectrum of roles. She is currently a researcher in art with the Australian National Centre for ...
Research fellowship

SymbioticA, University of Western Australia

Artist in residence

Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland

Balint, Emery
Balint trained in civil engineering in Budapest, arriving in Australia in 1939, working as a lecturer at the Melbourne Technical College, later taking a position ...
Ben-Ary, Guy, b. 1967
Guy Ben-Ary is an artist and a researcher whose work uses emerging medias and in particular biologically related technologies (tissue culture, tissue engineering, electrophysiology and ...
Arkeveld, Hans, b. 1942
Perth-based painter, sculptor and printmaker. Has been a long term artist in residence at the School of Anatomy and Human Biology at the University of ...
Bunt, Stuart
Stuart Bunt is an artist and scientist based in Perth who works in the area of biological technologies. He co-founded the Art/Science research lab SymbioticA ...
Cass, Gary, b. 1966
Scientist and artist who has collaborated on several projects exploring the body and biological technologies.
Gamblen, Phil, b. 1964
Artist based in Western Australia who has investigated new technologies, scientific processes and discarded materials in his work.
Franklin, Donna
Perth-based artist who explores the interface between technology and the natural world and has created textile works out of living organisms such as fungi.
Fuks, Suzon, b. 1959
Intermedia artist, Suzon Fuks explores the integration and interaction of the body and moving image through performance, screen, installation and online work. Initiator, co-founder, coordinator ...
Weissensteiner, Elisabeth, b. 1958
Elisabeth Weissensteiner works in sculpture, mixed media including photo-based work, art-science collaborations, and installations. Characteristic for her approach to art is a subtle investigation of ...
Pell, Sarah Jane, b. 1974
As an artist and commercial diver, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell consults, produces and performs underwater media and designs interdisciplinary sci-art laboratories as new forms of ...
Boyd, Merric, b. 1888
Merric Boyd's organic decorative ceramics led him to be credited as the father of studio pottery in Australia. He was also a dominant figure in ...
Tissue Culture & Art Project
An artistic research and laboratory project established by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr to explore tissue cultures and tissue engineering.
Australian Network for Art & Technology
Organisation that has supported practitioners working at the interface between art, science and technology since 1988.