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Bracks, Priscilla
Artist. Created 'Flower Animals' with Gavin Sade, Glen Wetherall and Nicole Gillard as part of artist collective 'Kuuku'.
Buzniak, Renata Monika, b.
Photographic artist based in Brisbane.
Charuk, Peter
Peter Charuk is a visual and electronic artist and educator who resides in Hazelbrook, New South Wales.
Cooper, Justine, b.
Interdisciplinary artist, Justine Cooper’s artwork investigates the intersections between culture, science and medicine. She moves between many forms of media - animation, video, installation, photography, ...
Cordes, Katie, b.
Artist and photographer who creates bush installations in the World Heritage area of Katoomba, NSW in Australia.
Davies, Fiona
Fiona Davies is a mixed media, new media and installation artist.
Degger, Brian
Dr Brian Degger is an interdisciplinary biologist and creative based in Newcastle.
Delmotte, Isabelle
Isabelle Delmotte is a practicing artist and photographer involved with digital technology.
Geurts, James
James Geurts is an artist who examines the relationship between perceptory experience and forces in the natural and constructed world. Site-specific research in the form ...
Gilbee, Tara, b.
Tara Gilbee works across mediums and disciplines to explore transitional and ephemeral states.
Gillespie, Alexandra, b. 1972
Alexandra Gillespie's work is primarily concerned with responding to particular sites and spatial temporal experiences. She often utilises projection, sound, and found objects to create ...
Gonsalves, Tina
Tina Gonsalves’ creative investigations draw from a long-term interdisciplinary and collaborative practice merging art, technology and science, exploring social relationships, trust and intimacy.
Haines, David, b. 1966
David Haines lives and works in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia. He has produced large scale immersive video and sound works that explore the tension ...
Henschke, Chris
Chris Henschke is an artist who works in the areas of media including fine art, illustration and imaging, interactive art, video and animation, graphic design, ...
Jones, Claude, b.
Claude Jones' work focuses on the creation of peculiar biologies - hybrid and mutant chimeras that reflect our changing biological and psychological relationship to nature.
Kendrigan, Donna
Donna Kendrigan is an artist who works in new media including fine art, illustration and imaging, interactive art, video and animation, graphic design, sound design, ...
Mathieson, Sheena
Sheena Mathieson is a Melbourne artist who works in painting, printmaking, drawing, illustration and cartoon.
McCormack, Jon
Jon McCormack is an Australian-based electronic media artist and researcher in Artificial Life and Evolutionary Music and Art. He is Associate Professor in Computer Science, ...
Meziane Benson, Tracey
Artist and researcher Tracey Meziane Benson has focused on notions of national identity, tourism, borders and identity as themes within her creative practice. She co-founded ...
Monro, Gordon, b. 1946
Gordon Monro is a digital media artist working with generative procedures that produce images and sound.