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Biggs, Simon, b. 1957
Australian-born digital media artist, researcher and curator who has been based in the UK since 1986.
Wallworth, Lynette
Sydney-based artist whose practice spans photography, video installation and film.
Arts Info

by Goldman, Jacques.

Exhibition of work undertaken at EAF as part of the Interface- Art and Technology exhibition organised as part of the Adelaide Festival

Art and Tech Conference/ Working Party

by Biggs, Simon, Boyd, Adam, Britton, Stephanie, Brook, Donald, Grounds, Joan, Lake, Russel, Le Pechoux, Jean-Marc, Munz, Martin, Scott, Jill, Vizents, Allan.

Residential three day program of workshops/seminars assessing Art and Technology. Australian participants included: Jill Scott, Joan Grounds, Jean Marc Le Pechoux, Allan Vizents, Martin Munz, ...

Gwilt, Ian
Ian Gwilt is a digital artist, a lecturer in visual communications at the University of Technology Sydney,and an adjunct fellow in computer graphic design at ...
Richards, Matt
Perth-based film producer and director who participated in the BioFeel exhibition at the 2002 Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP).
Brodyk, André, b.
Artist who has explored biological technologies and genetically modified material in his work.
Langley, Somaya Zoe, b. 1976
Somaya Langley has a background in digital culture with a focus on sound and media arts, digital collections, festivals and events. She was Production Manager ...
Bunt, Stuart
Stuart Bunt is an artist and scientist based in Perth who works in the area of biological technologies. He co-founded the Art/Science research lab SymbioticA ...
Cass, Gary, b. 1966
Scientist and artist who has collaborated on several projects exploring the body and biological technologies.
Catts, Oron, b.
Born in Finland, currently living and working in Western Australia Oron Catts is a tissue engineering artist. Co-founder of the Art/Science collaborative research lab SymbioticA, ...
Gamblen, Phil, b. 1964
Artist based in Western Australia who has investigated new technologies, scientific processes and discarded materials in his work.
Malcolm, Christopher
Director of the John Curtin Gallery at the Curtin University of Technology with a long history of curating new media art exhibitions, for instance for ...
Miles, Adrian
Melbourne-based new media artist and scholar. He has published widely on hypertext and hypermedia, is a networked interactive video developer and has exhibited his applied ...
Vickery, Lindsay
Music composer, performer and sound artist.
Zurr, Ionat, b.
Perth-based artist, researcher and curator whose practice has focused upon biological technologies. Co-founder of The Tissue Culture & Art Project.
Bishop, Arthur, b. 1917
Pioneering Australian inventor and engineer whose innovations have been employed in the automotive, aeronautical, biomedical and telecommunications industries.
Franklin, Donna
Perth-based artist who explores the interface between technology and the natural world and has created textile works out of living organisms such as fungi.
Riedelbauch, Gilbert, b.
Design practitioner and university lecturer based in Canberra whose works explore the meeting points between traditional silversmithing and craftsmanship and new technologies.
r e a, , b. 1962
Artist who works across the mediums of photography, digital media, film, video and installation and explores a range of themes around Indigenous identity, representation and ...