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Lymburner, Francis, b. 1916
Brisbane born artist Francis Lymburner first came to prominence as one of the members of Sydney's Charm School in the late 1940s. His subject matter ...
Stambouliah, Luke, b. 1989
Luke Stambouliah is an international celebrity portrait photographer based in Sydney specialising in headshots, film stills and fine art prints.
Crombie, Fiona
Crombie trained as a set and costume designer moving into film production in 2010 with "Snowtown" followed by numerous films and a TV series "Top ...
Räuker, Ralf
Perth-based performance artist.
Fallout Follies

by State Theatre Company of South Australia.

SA Theatre Company, theatre performance on uranium issue

The Last Days of Th World

by Tsoutas, Nicholas.

by Chris Barnett, directed by Nick Tsoutas, theatre performance by All Out Ensemble

Passengers in Overcoats

by Baxter, Virginia. All Out Ensemble.

Passengers in Overcoats by Gillian Jones theatre performance by Virginia Baxter

Situation Normal

by All Out Ensemble.

Theatre performance