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Miller, Brad, b. 1961
Brad Miller has typically manipulated found images and sound to create single channel video and multi-channel interactive works exploring memory and associations.
Hindmarsh, Laura, b. 1987
Laura Hindmarsh, Tasmanian-based video artist, graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania, in 2010. She was awarded an Australia Council Jump mentorship ...
Video visions

by Hall, Nick, Hobba, Leigh, Pavlovic, Floride, Perkins, Matthew.

Four video installations and single channel vieo by Leigh Hobba, Floride Pavlovic, Nick Hall and Matthew Perkins. Source: Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery History ...

Kelly, Deborah, b. 1962
Deborah Kelly is a socially engaged Melbourne born Sydney based artist whose work is shown and collected nationally and internationally.
Bush Video
Bush Video were the main group of people using video as an experimental art form in the early 1970s in Australia.
Planet of Noise

by Miller, Brad.

Single channel CD-ROM interactive Text: McKenzie Wark Sound: Jason Gee, Derek Kreckler Funding: Australian Film Commission


Transm├ętic: Ordonnance

by Barratt, Virginia.

Continuing in a spirit of transversal cross-contamination, Ordonnance is South-East London's third incarnation of Transm├Ętic. A night of hyperstitional mythopoesis, para-academic rem(a)inder, resurfacing in the ...

The Model Citizen

by Sadia, Sadia.

Premiere: three channel video installation with eight channel soundfield 'Ghosts of Noise' at the RMIT Gallery exhibition 'The Model Citizen, curated by Sean Redmond and ...