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Portraits of Women - Experiments in Vitreous Enamels

by Binns, Vivienne, McMahon, Marie, Phoenix, Frances, Robertson, Toni.

Also Ewing and George Paton Galleries, University of Melbourne, VIC; and Fantasia Gallery, Canberra, ACT. This was a collaborative exhibition with Marie McMahon, Toni Roberton ...

Soft Riots

by Danko, Aleks, Ewington, Julie, Grounds, Marr, Grounds, Joan, Ravlich, Robyn, Tipping, Richard Kelly. Sylvia and the Synthetics.

Collaborative exhibition between Aleks Danko and Richard Tipping, with Marr Grounds. On 7 December 1973 a night of events, rituals, readings and performances was held ...


by Binns, Vivienne, Foley, Roger.

co-created with Vivienne Binns