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Benz, Tori
Tori Benz deploys painting and drawing to capture moments of tension and possibility within the context of the everyday. Many of her images are derived ...
Green, T. Charles
T. Charles Green (Theraza Green) was one of the stars of the Patchs drag show in the early 80s. Her great numbers were a mix ...
Morley, Bill
DJ in the early 80s at Stranded and resident DJ for Arthurs in Kings Cross. His legend began when he outraged the 1987 Mardi Gras ...
Scott, Mary, b. 1957
Mary Scott, Tasmanian-based artist specializing in painting and drawing, is the Senior Lecturer and Head of Drawing at the Tasmanian School of Art.
Windberg, Tony, b. 1966
West Australian resident printmaker and drawer who works with the nature of illusion and the illusion of nature.
Bunbury, Alisa
Alisa Bunbury began her curatorial career as an intern in the Baiiieu Library Print Room at the University of Melbourne before being awarded the Harold ...
Fox, Len
Journalist, artist, social activist
Makin, Jeffrey, b. 1943
Jeffrey Makin is a renowned Australian artist best known for his en plein air landscape paintings. Active from 1961, his work follows in the tradition ...
Drawings and Props

by Cummings, Robert.

Robert Cumming, exhibition, touring; EAF publication of his drawings

Recent Work


Dale Frank, large pencil drawings, access space

Ameneiro, Tony, b. 1959
Ameneiro is an artist, printmaker and educator. He also works with watercolour and drawing and has been a three-time finalist in the Dobell Prize for ...