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Guy [Gowns], Martha
Fashion design organisation working as "Martha Guy Gowns", 3rd floor, Block Court, Melbourne, ca.1934. The journal Manuscripts, no.12, 1934 carries an advertisement on the rear ...
Armstrong, Rosemary, b. 1948
Fashion designer Rosemary Armstrong (b. 1948) launched her label, Tea Rose, in 1981. Tea Rose is known for its ultra-feminine clothes that are made of ...
Barton, Barbara, b. 1935
Fashion illustrator and lecturer who came to Australia after World War II.
Little, Jeanne, b. 1938
Little began her career as a fashion designer with a dress-making shop in 5-Ways, Paddington under the name Jeanne Mitchell. Her mother had worked as ...
Gonzalez, Alfredo, b. 1928
Gonzalez was a primary fashion illustrator for Balenciaga, Paris and other clients. As a photographer and fashion merchandiser, he pursued his career in the UK. ...
Bainbridge, Peter, b. 1957
Peter Bainbridge is a multidisciplinary artist with a current focus on printmaking, producing silk-screen prints on handmade French cotton paper.
Huxley, Nicholas, b.
Huxley is an educator and as a designer, he has been active in film, television, and fashion magazines. He retired as Head Teacher, TAFE NSW ...
Aurelio Costarella
Perth-based fashion label established in Perth by Ray Costarella in 2000.
Allen, Jessika, b. 1968
Started Jessika Allen Design in the late 1990's. After a stint designing for Big W and Sportgirl, Allen purchased and began designing for JETS Swimwear.
Chipkin, Hannah
Designer and Director of Sydney fashion label Chip Chop!
Cooper, Becky
Fashion Designer and Director at Bec & Bridge
Freeman, Marc, b. 1979
Fashion Designer and Director of Camilla and Marc
Freeman-Topper, Camilla, b. 1981
Designer and Director of Camilla and Marc
Goldstein, Chaim
Fashion Designer and Director of Billycock Denim & Co.
Goot, Joshua, b. 1980
Fashion Designer and Director of label Josh Goot
Kinstlinger, Jeremy
Fashion Designer and Director at Billycock Denim & Co.
Levy, Samantha
Fashion Designer and Director at Taka Fashion
Sernack, Nikita
Designer and Director of fashion labels Nookie Boutique and Nookie Beach
Yorston, Bridget
Fashion Designer and Director at Bec & Bridge
Mercedes Australian Fashion Week

by Armstrong, Rosemary.

Tea Rose designed a Wedding Dress that was shown at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in May 1997.