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Hodgson, Mattie, b. 1909
Mattie Hodgson was a photographer retoucher, and colourist working in Perth and London from the mid-1920s to World War II,
Holder, Jo
Curator, gallery director and community arts worker
Rrap, Julie, b. 1950
Julie Rrap works in the mediums of photography, painting, sculpture, performance and video and focuses upon representations of the body, in particular the female body ...
Johnston, Pam, b. 1947
An Aboriginal artist and a printmaker, Johnston is best known for her shocking work 'Untitled' which addressed the issue of Indigenous deaths in custody and ...
Kerr, Joan, b. 1938
Joan Kerr was the editor for two important publications on Australian artists, The Dictionary of Australian Artists: Painters, Sketchers, Photographers and Engravers to 1870 (Oxford ...
Mackay, Jan, b. 1950
Jan MacKay was an activist feminist printmaker working in the Tin Sheds at the University of Sydney in the 1970s.
Ormella, Raquel, b. 1969
Artistic practice covering a diverse range of activities, including video, paintings, installations, drawings, and zines.
Varvaressos, Vicki, b. 1949
Vicki Varvaressos is a Sydney based artist whose early work was influenced by the urban activism of Victoria street, in Sydney's Wooloomooloo. Her distinctive painterly ...
Ashburn, Liz, b. 1939
Liz Ashburn is a feminist installation artist whose work has long been concerned with social issues, especially the impact of war and conflict. For many ...
Bezor, Annette, b. 1950
Annette Bezor was one of the new wave feminist artists to emerge in Adelaide in the 1970s. Her characteristic paintings were studies of voluptuously beautiful ...
McKay, Jan
Jan McKay
Lindsay, Ruby, b. 1887
Early 20th century Melbourne and London illustrator and cartoonist. Member of the influential Lindsay and (by marriage) Dyson families. She won several awards in her ...
Dumbrell, Lesley, b. 1941
Throughout her sustained career Lesley Dumbrell’s painting has been characterised by precise, geometric abstraction. In 1974, at a time when women artists found it difficult ...