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Dean, Bec
Sydney-based curator and artist.
Cult Objects

by Hobba, Leigh.

Friday nights at the EAF, Leigh Hobba, Cult Objects, Friday night performance sessions

50 Violent Acts

by Grayson, Richard, Luke, Michelle.

Performance by Richard Grayson and Michele Luke Richard Grayson residency Experimental Art Foundation (November 1984)

Black, Kat
Kat Black has worked exclusively and Jasper Cook as the duo "VJzoo" since 2003. Formerly a painter.
Cook, Jasper
Jasper Cook has worked with Kat Black exclusively as the duo "VJzoo", since 2003
Gill, Tarryn
Perth-based artist whose practice spans photography, film and performance and who has been a frequent collaborator with Pilar Mata Dupont.
Hindmarsh, Laura, b. 1987
Laura Hindmarsh, Tasmanian-based video artist, graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania, in 2010. She was awarded an Australia Council Jump mentorship ...
Hope, Cat
Music composer, installation and performance artist based in Perth.
Mathews, Hannah
Melbourne-based curator.
Raisin, Hannah, b. 1987
Hannah Raisin is a Female Australian Contemporary Artist. Raisin is the primary figure in her; live and gallery performances, videos, sound and digital photography which ...
Stelarc, , b. 1946
Stelarc is a performance, installation and new media artist who has performed and exhibited in Japan, Europe and the United States. Using medical instruments, prosthetics, ...
Gerner, Philip
South Australian video and photographic artist associated with the Experimental Art Foundation in Adelaide.
Leggett, Michael Graham, b. 1945
Mike Leggett has film and video work in archives and collections in Europe, Australia, North and South America. He has curated exhibitions of computer mediated ...
Moore, Darren, b. 1974
Percussionist and composer who participated in the BioFeel exhibition at the 2002 Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth.